'Mobile' Health Checks to Launch in UK

Health checks via mobile phone apps being rolled-out by Department of Health

Online PR News – 26-February-2012 – – A new trial scheme being rolled out by the Department of Health will instruct patients to use an app on their mobile phone to monitor their health as an alternative to visiting their doctor.

Patients required to monitor conditions including cancer, diabetes and heart conditions will use the new system to monitor their day-to-day health.

The data is sent from their mobile phone to a central computer before being analysed and a reply sent to the patient to indicate what treatment to take.

The move has been panned by critics who see it as a way to cut costs at the risk or harming the public’s health.

However, the app, which was developed by an IT specialist within the Department of Health, has been praised by NHS bosses – including health secretary Andrew Lansley who claims innovations like this will “revolutionise the health service”.

From a health marketing perspective the move will gain the DoH favours with younger people who may not have time to visit their GP. It's positive to see innovation in the sector but perhaps the health marketing campaign needs to communicate exactly who this new service is designed to help more effectively.