STC Technologies placed 65 candidates with one of their Clients during last quarter of 2011

STC Technologies has considered all factors when it designed the course for Software Testing Skills. STC Technologies ensured that it constantly keeps itself updated with the fast paced IT Industry.

Online PR News – 26-February-2012 – – Business Process Automation is on the rise and companies all over the world are always on the lookout for ways to automate their business. This trend has continuously led to increased buying of custom made software suiting various needs of the companies. The demand for quality software is on the rise.
As a result of this trend, today the software industry as whole has reached phenomenal heights due to the growing demand for productivity based software both in India as well as the International markets. This growth has fuelled the need for efficient software testing standards for IT companies of all sizes. The sudden demand for software testers has made it a tough day for the Top IT firms to hire talented and trained manpower in Testing. The problem is that the companies are reluctant to employ untrained manpower, spend their resources in training them to make them industry ready. Also, with the natural attrition rate of the industry on the rise, the companies find it increasingly reluctant on training the manpower themselves. In this scenario, the top IT companies are always on the lookout for industry ready, well-trained, qualified software testers in the market, who of course are hard to come by because of the heavy demand for qualified resources. This makes the head-hunter’s job harder than ever.
Ultimately, they reach out to the industry leader in Software Testing education to cater to their high demand for Trained, Certified, Efficient manpower in this field. STC Technologies, the industry leader, in turn caters to the top IT companies by providing quality trained and certified resources in software testing. STC Technologies’ curriculums are endorsed by industry experts and technocrats which in turn delivers exact manpower to the IT industry. STC Technologies selects students from various backgrounds to develop them into industry ready software testing experts, whom the top IT companies are more than willing to hire them into their organisation. This strategy has helped STC Technologies to become the largest Software Testing Education Service Provider in India trusted by all the top IT companies – Almost 90% of the students of STC Technologies get hired by the top IT companies round the year making it the institution with the highest placement opportunities in the Industry.