Local Roofing Company Introduces Series on Sacramento Roof Repair Problems

Local Sacramento roofing company Yancey Home Improvements recently launched a blog series on Sacramento Roof Repair Problems.

Online PR News – 26-February-2012 – – Sacramento, CA - February 16, 2012 – Yancey Home Improvements – Local Sacramento roofing company Yancey Home Improvements recently launched a blog series on Sacramento Roof Repair Problems. This four-part series is aimed as a warning and guide for homeowners who are working with untried and untested roofing contractors.

Roof repair services are not exactly cheap which leads many homeowners to try cheaper amateur roofers, according to Yancey Home Improvements. However, the company stresses that while these new roofers’ work seem cheaper at the onset, there are many problems encountered during projects that can lead to overspending. These problems are explored in the company’s Sacramento Roof Repair Problems series.

Going Over-budget on a Project
Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that the only things they have to budget for during a roof repair project are the shingles. Working with inexperienced roofers can exacerbate the problem. But the truth is, permits alone can cost at least a few hundred dollars. Similarly, the disposal of discarded roofing materials can also eat up a homeowner’s time and resources. Confusing and unclear estimates from untried roofers can also lead to overspending. More information on this is given the series’ first post.

Missing or Expired Permits
Permits are needed for Sacramento roof repair projects. More so, if a homeowner’s property is within a historic district. Many homeowners are not aware of how many permits and fees must be paid off before a project can start. As a result, many homeowners leave applying for permits at the hands of their roofers. If a roofer is not well-versed in the requirements of the local government, a homeowner may end up paying for fines levied by the Community Development Department. Yancey Home Improvement provides more information on quad fees and permits in the second post of their series.

Wrinkled Underlayment
Untested roofers may have no experience in project management which can lead to delays in the roof repair job. As a result, sometimes, the underlayment may be laid two weeks before the shingles are installed. When exposed to the elements, underlayment may wrinkle and cause bumps that will cause problems during shingle installation. More information on wrinkled underlayment is provided in the series’ third post.

Delays in Installing Shingles
Delays in a Sacramento roof repair job can mean exposing the underlying roof layers to the elements. In Sacramento where random showers can surprise even the most prepared homeowners, this can mean a problem. Moisture on the rafters and underlayment can damage and soak the layers, leading to an unstable roof structure when the shingles are applied. More information on this problem is given in the fourth post of the series.

The blog series presently has four posts but the company plans on extending the series to provide more information in easily understood posts.

About Yancey Home Improvements
Yancey Home Improvements is a Sacramento roof repair service company. It provides roof repair, replacement, and installation services to the Greater Sacramento Area. An A+ member of the Better Business Bureau and a GAF Master Elite Roofer, Yancey Home Improvements shares information on roofing services and tips in its company blog.