Marilyn Muttroe Of The Prominent Dog Boutique Offers Tips To Prevent Dogs From Drowning

Marilyn Muttroe (the prominent dog boutique) has stated, dogs need protection from injury, or death while in the water. Summer is on its way and it is that time to begin thinking about protection for all dogs.

Online PR News – 24-February-2012 – – Summer is on its way and it is that time that every dog has fun playing in the water. From the ocean, to the ponds and the lakes to the rivers – every dog is a water dog and their safety is important while playing, or boating on the water.

Dog Life Jackets are very important and are a necessity for all dogs during their time in the water. At most dog-friendly water spots, one will find both small and large dogs together running, catching balls, a Frisbee – playing very aggressively as they run directly into the water and at times – into each other.

During this frolicking amongst each other a collision may occur creating an exert force which could create broken bones, head, neck, or spinal injuries – making any dog vulnerable to the water and their surroundings. In having a dog life jacket, it would aid in the dogs well being by offering buoyancy and visibility, keeping the dog from going under the water and to their demise. Especially for the smaller breeds, who may become lost in the waters very quickly.

Dogs also love to go boating just as their human family members and friends. As with humans becoming vulnerable to the water, so do dogs. During any boating outings with a dog, dog life jackets are important due to the dog being susceptible to boating accidents, or by falling over board and becoming overwhelmed by the forces such as waves, currents, or shear panic.

According to Janet Tobiassen, DVM,“Fear and anxiety in the water, as when a pet falls in unexpectedly, can hamper normal respiration and swimming ability as well. Waves, undertows, currents and fast-moving rivers can overtake even the strongest swimmer. Wearing a life vest may be the difference between life and death.”

Proper sizing of a dogs life Jacket is the most important factor when choosing for any dog. One would want to make sure that the dog will not slip out of the life jacket, so a great fit is very important. A dog's life jacket that does not fit well, may cause injury, or even death of any dog – due to the dog slipping out of the vest. By slipping out of the life vest the dog may choke, or even lose their life jacket putting them in extreme danger.

Today there are many designs and vibrant colors of dog life jackets with – reflective strips, nylon straps, Velcro fasteners for the belly and the neck areas. As well, dog life jackets have a nylon handle on top for quick retrieval of the dog by a hook, or by hand.

It is also important to take a water proof marker and place the dogs name and contact information on their life jacket. This way, should one have a boating accident, or a happening that may occur and the dog is found to be missing in the waters – there is a great chance they will be found and returned to their owner. And always remember dog sunblock!

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