ACE Offers Computer Security Training in Norfolk, Virginia

Computer Security Training Now Available in Norfolk.

Online PR News – 23-February-2012 – – For those interested in training for computer security, one of the best ways to accomplish the goal is to take training classes in Norfolk, Virginia provided by Academy of Computer Education. Norfolk is known for its high military presence and numerous bases for almost every branch in the military. It is because of this presence that having a computer security certification in the Norfolk area is imperative!

The military needs men and women with hands-on training in this field to detect and secure vulnerable technologies. Security training teaches the student how to recognize programs and software that are targeted by companies, countries, and even young hackers who attempt attacks on military computers just for fun. The Defense Department computers receive over 200-thousand attacks per year with many able to shut down computers for several minutes, and in severe attacks may cause damage to the network. These attacks can disable communication, stop troop movement, expose troops to threats from enemies, or stop supplies from reaching their destination. For these reasons, the military has a great need for specially trained personnel to handle the security of their networks and infrastructures.

ACE also offers online security training which makes learning easy and affords the student the opportunity to learn to make decisions without the need for supervision. These courses typically cost less and are readily available when the student can arrange the time for them. While online courses are not for everyone, ACE makes it easier with live demonstrations and instructor videos. Interested persons should contact ACE at (877) 564-8724.

Academy of Computer Education has been providing computer security training classes to individuals,companies,and government agencies since 2001.

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