LowVig.com Members Seeing Increased Profits During Reduced NBA Schedule

Shortened NBA schedule having less of an impact for LowVig.com members thanks to the sportsbook’s reduced-commission model

Online PR News – 22-February-2012 – – The Knicks’ Jeremy Lin has been referred to as the most surprising story in the NBA. But today, that story is being eclipsed by something even more amazing out of the sports betting world. Reduced-juice sportsbook LowVig.com is offering players significant financial gains on every bet placed, thanks to its lower commission structure. It’s something that serious sports bettors have been craving after a shortened NBA schedule reduced their opportunities to win.

“Linsanity is taking over, the Heat are on fire, Charlotte’s losing streak is almost unbearable to watch, and LowVig.com members are enjoying every minute of it,” stated a LowVig.com representative. “After a riveting NFL season that saw sports bettors keep more profit in their pocket, we’re excited to focus on the NBA season ahead and provide our members with simply better value.”

After a riveting NFL season that saw sports bettors keep more profit in their pocket we’re excited to focus on the NBA season ahead and provide our members with simply better value.

The “vig” in LowVig.com refers to the “vigorish,” or “juice” or “commission,” that a sportsbook or casino has on a game. While most sportsbooks offer lines at -110 juice (lay $110 to win $100), LowVig.com offers theirs as low as -105 (lay $105 to win $100). The numbers translate to a 50 percent discount on many sports, including NBA games.

With the NBA regular season reduced from 82 to 66 games due to the 2011 lockout, NBA bettors have been looking for ways to maximize their profits in fewer bets. LowVig.com delivers in a big way with its reduced-juice model. The numbers don’t lie.

“Let’s say a loyal New York fan bets an average of $200 on each of the Knicks 66 regular season games,” stated the LowVig.com spokesperson. “He would need to win 52.38 percent of his bets at a standard -110 sportsbook just to break even. That same win rate at LowVig.com would net the $200 bettor a profit of $314.03 thanks to our discounted pricing model.”

Serious sports bettors have been flocking to LowVig.com in droves thanks to the site’s no-nonsense juice discount. While other sports books offer bonuses to sports bettors, they usually come with an unrealistic, unachievable rollover requirement. At LowVig.com, the “bonus” is in the price. Period.

NBA bettors interested in seeing how much money they could be saving by betting at LowVig.com can employ the sports book’s online profit calculator. The tool lets bettors compare the profit they stand to make at LowVig.com versus any one of a dozen other online sports books. Users only need to input their average bet amount and the number of bets they place in a typical week to see the overwhelming results.

LowVig.com does promise, and provide, Simply Better Value. And now NBA sports bettors can experience that value with every bet they place.

About LowVig.com
LowVig.com launched in 2011, with a ‘Simply Better Value’ guarantee which is expressed through reduced juice sports betting, horse rebates, poker rakeback and casino rebates; all day and every day. The ‘Simply Better Value’ guarantee is made possible because LowVig.com doesn’t spend large amounts on advertising campaigns, affiliate deals, or promotions. Instead, all of the value is passed on to the Individual Bettor; ensuring significant word of mouth advertising.