OXYwater Now at Discount Drug Mart

OXYwater is now carried at Discount Drug Mart stores in Northeast Ohio

Online PR News – 26-February-2012 – – February 7, 2012 – Akron, Ohio – OXYwater President and former OSU football player Preston Harrison is excited to announce that OXYwater will now be available in the Akron area at all Discount Drug Marts. To kick off this expansion in Northeast Ohio – OXYwater will be offering a special of 2 bottles for $5.

Harrison is certainly is knowledgeable about sports drinks from his years as a Buckeye. Harrison along with Tom Jackson CEO created OXYwater – a beverage that replenishes what the body already consists off without adding any foreign substances or ingredients. The ingredients in this product act as a signaler to tell the body that it now has energy. “Let’s face it, plain bottle water is boring. And nearly all the ‘enhanced’ waters out there are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Some of them even sneak in caffeine,” stated Harrison.

OXYwater contains added oxygen, B vitamins, ginseng, trace minerals, and electrolytes and antioxidant power equal to three servings of fresh fruit. Using a special patented process, the oxygen molecule is infused with excess oxygen that helps to create a healthy beverage with a light, refreshing taste that everyone will enjoy.

“During my team practices I don’t drink any sports drinks that are on the market because they normally cause me to cramp up…after drinking the OXYwater, I continued practicing and didn’t cramp up, not once. Now OXYwater is my official hydration regiment,” said Atlanta Falcon’s Eric Weems.

OXYwater comes in 5 delicious flavors like Island Citrus, Pink, Black Cherry Pomegranate and Passion Berry with the 6th flavor Peach Mango to be released on March 1st. It is a multi dimensional product in a category of fortified waters that are one-dimensional.

OXYwater™ is the perfect alternative for elementary, middle and high schools who need to remove carbonated soda and sugar-filled sports drinks from their halls by July 2012. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has approved Oxywater as a beverage that meets the new nutritional guidelines for the Senate Bill 210.

This Ohio based company is also community based as it has supported the local community through sponsorships of sporting events. A portion of the proceeds of some of their products go to support breast cancer research (OXYpink), Special Olympics (OXYgold), and our troops (OXYred, OXYwhite and OXYblue). For additional information regarding the OXYwater corporation and OXYwater products please email sales@tryoxywater.com