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Online PR News – 09-February-2010 – – Home Automation 2010: Solutions and Suppliers

Home Automation is the automatic control of a home's electronic systems, such as security, heating and air conditioning, entertainment, and lighting. A home automation system is one in which these systems are integrated into one, easy-to-use system. The purpose of a home automation system is to enable residents to perform normal daily tasks in a simpler manner. A home automation system will use scenes, off-site control, scheduling, and reactive events to automate the home's electronics systems. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=132185&rt=Home-Automation-2010-Solutions-and-Suppliers.html )

This publication provides analysis of home automation suppliers, solutions, industry trends and outlook. It is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to identify the full range of home automation solutions, who supplies them, and the outlook based on trends and the economy.

"Beginning in early 2010, Real GDP, Real Disposable Income, and Consumer Prices are all expected to increase. When those numbers are combined with the projected increase in Residential Construction spending and relatively low interest rates, the Home Automation industry will likely see a return to healthy revenue increases."

Key Findings:

* Installation, design, and project management can account for up to 50% of the total price of an automation system.
* Home Automation dealers experienced a 51% drop in revenues in 2009; however 48% expect an increase in revenues in 2010
* Positive signs for the industry in 2010 include GDP growth (2.8%), increase in residential construction spending, and a rebound in luxury goods manufacturing.
* The future of Home Automation is in home health systems, environmental management, retrofits, and the integration of personal technology.
* Businesses who are positioned to develop this market are security, audio/video, information technology, electrical, and HVAC companies.

Questions Answered in Report:

* What is a Home Automation system and what is the history of Home Automation?
* How is a Home Automation system designed? What documentation is required?
* Who are the major players/manufacturers of Home Automation electronics?
* What are the budget considerations/costs of a Home Automation system?
* What training or knowledge is required to join the industry?
* What is the 2010 Home Automation market outlook?
* What are the industry standards and associations?
* What trends should you look for in 2010?

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