The Much Needed Twitter Resource Guide Is Now Available To The Public

Twitter is not a strange word in the web 2.0 world. Though twitter is very popular today, many people out there are not familiar with this platform and so they need some kind of guidance. The twitter resource guide is launched especially for them, according to the author of “The Definitive Twitter Resource Guide!”

Online PR News – 11-June-2009 – – Whitney, TX ( Onlineprnews ) June 11, 2009 - “Twitter has become a very effective marketing tool. You’d have seen many articles that explain the benefits of using twitter as a marketing tool. While some of the savvy marketers have already started to squeeze out the marketing benefits of twitter, some of them are still unaware of the basic marketing idea behind this platform. There are some online marketers who are really desperate in getting into twitter but are not aware of the marketing techniques to be used in this one of a kind web 2.0 platform. Many of them think that they should get their business into twitter like everyone else and so they just sign up with the site and just keep on posting the updates. They should remember the fact that twitter is not just for showing the updates and there are much more marketing options that remain hidden”, says the professionals of

Mr. Stephen Pierce, the author of the newly launched ( twitter resource guide says, “This twitter resource guide is a result of many days of hard work and research. However, we are generous enough to provide this resource guide for free. You’d have noticed several twitter applications that are widely spread in the Internet. Many people would have tried atleast a few twitter applications and noticed that not all the applications available out there are good for promoting their business in twitter. Some of the twitter applications available today claim to be timesavers but they are actually time killers. It is a difficult task to identify the best twitter tools available online. Twitter users can now have a great sigh of relief because, my twitter resource guide 100+ pages of information about the most wanted twitter applications.”

“Based on my research, I was able to find about 201 essential twitter applications. I have grouped them and presented them with the details in the twitter resource guide” says Mr. Stephen Pierce

Speaking on the move, the author said, “First experience with ( twitter will be a bit confusing. This free twitter resource guide will help you fly with the bird from form the very beginning itself.”

About “The Definitive Twitter Resource Guide!”

“The Definitive Twitter Resource Guide” is a free, downloadable 104 page ebook with the much needed information about the twitter applications and tools. The author, Stephen Pierce has done a great job in compiling this guide with 201 much needed twitter tools and applications. The guide is available for download at