TeachingQuran.com teams up with web design, web development and SEO Company Pakistan

SEO Company Luqman-technologies.com gets selected by TeachingQuran.com, for their complete web design, web development and seo mock-up, SEO Pakistan Luqman-technologies.com will provide seo website design, web development and seo services, says SEO Company Pakistan

Online PR News – 09-February-2010 – – SEO Company Luqman-technologies.com teams up with www.teachingquran.com says Mr. Luqman Qadir, the head of SEO Company Pakistan. The said Quran Tutor hires SEO Company Luqman-technologies.com website design, website development and seo services after a successful search engine optimization campaign and search marketing service for other websites in their range, says Luqman

Luqman further added, there are numerous Quran, Islam and even Christian companies which has been working with us for number of years and we are glad our customers keep coming back to us with more orders, he added, no matter it is just a web design or web development or even seo services, our search engine optimizers and search engine marketers are here to help and as far as our web design and web development department is concerned, we are glad we have the world’s most well talented and experienced web designers and web developers which provide web page design and development work with search engines in mind.

About TeachingQuran.com

Teaching Quran is a Quran learning and Quran education institute with offices in Pakistan, UK, USA, and even in Italy and France, they provide online Quran education to number of students in Somalia, Morocco, Brazil, and even in East and West Africa as well as Europe, Middle and Far east, America and Canada and even in Asia. They are considered the world’s most talented Quran tutors offering Free Quran lessons in order to improve human’s Quran recitation, tajweed, memorization and Tafseer, and they offer completely free Quran lessons, Luqman added.

Teaching Quran is a sister concerned company to E Quran Tutor and their respective brand as Quran Tutor and Free Quran Education online, the company joins hands with SEO Company Luqman-technologies.com to help them with their web design, web development and seo service needs.

Mr. Zia Anas that runs Quran Tutoring Business says, I am very glad with the new site they have designed and developed for us and I am very glad using their seo service for the number of sites they have optimized achieved top search engine rankings, more business as well as they do not just provide search engine rankings, I noted, their seo service is very powerful and it works.

Mr. Zia said, he has visited SEO Company Luqman-technologies.com numerous times and I have admired the kind of web design and web development departments they have, and yes, their search engine optimization and search engine marketing team is as helpful as their other staff.

The most important things we have noted before working with them as a SEO Company was their customer support, humanity and sincerity to help their customers succeed and trust, they have to offer a lot more because whatever you expect they do it for you, you say it or they will simply mirror your emotions and let things work for you.

I am very glad that they will be providing us web design and web development services and even seo services for teachingquran.com and I believe, this relationship would grow even further.

Mr. Luqman Qadir Thanked Mr. Zia for choosing their SEO Services and website designing and web development and promised he would enjoy rock bottom discounts, great customer support as always, urgent modifications and all. He would be also signing a yearly contract for seo services, web design and web development on dated: 09-02-2010

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