The Number One Resource for Travel Photography in the State of California is now available on Kindle.

Blog takes travel photography to a new level by showing others how to take great photographs with a focus on popular California destinations.

Online PR News – 09-February-2010 – – San Jose, California, February 05, 2009 – a California travel photography guide – offers inspiring photographs of popular destinations along with advice on how to take them yourself.

Andre Gunther, a travel photographer and writer with years of photography, travel, and guiding experience, authors this unique blog.

Here is what other photographers say about it:

Alexandre Smith (photo blogger – top 100 blog owner) “I found the blog easy to follow with nice photos and maps. Your enthusiasm and experience shows throughout the guide. I do like the idea of having one place with all the photography information about California. I’d recommend your blog for anyone wanting to visit and photograph California.”

Victor Froloff (European photographer, creative director of a job website) “I love your new blog and I think your perspective on the matter is really unique. I think it is one of the best travel photography guides online! Congratulations and Keep Up The Great Work!”

Andre presents the material on the blog in a simple, crisp, and easy-to-understand format.

"A comprehensive guide to California locations, interesting to all levels of photographers from enthusiast to professionals." says Andre." The site not only covers all the popular but also lesser-known places. It will teach you how to be creative, how to make your trip unforgettable and bring back exciting photographs."

The blog goes beyond what other travel guides offer on the internet. California Photo Scout also arms readers with practical advice unique to each location. Increase your location awareness by visiting

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About: Owner Andre Gunther is a professional writer and photographer with over 10 years experience in the industry. He offers his knowledge free online.