Google Caffeine Offers Valuable Tips for a Social Media Marketing Strategy

A list of valuable lessons Social Media Marketing campaigns can learn from the Google Caffeine introduction and implementation.

Online PR News – 08-February-2010 – – SEO Internet Marketing firm offers a list of best practice methods that Social Media Marketing strategies can learn from the Google Caffeine update introduction and implementation. Practices that have helped make Google the worlds most recognized Search Engine. Google Caffeine's launch included the use of Social Media as a Strategy. Which makes sense considering Caffeine's 'Real Time' search feature is based on Social Media platforms.

Irbtrax SEO Internet Marketing offers the following list of concepts that Social Media Marketing and companies that apply it can learn from the Google Caffeine update.

- Promote a preview of your Social Media campaign in advance of full launch.

Google announced it was refining a new search algorithm called 'Caffeine' during the summer of 2009. This announcement was circulated around the Internet by interested parties drawing immediate attention and widespread anticipation.

- Test the theory behind your campaign and use the feedback to refine and improve it.

Google initially launched a 'Sandbox' project to gain feedback from webmasters and search users. This feedback was read by Google Engineers who reviewed it for possible inclusion. Google also provided an interactive Blog where comments could be posted and often took the time to respond.

- Once you've gained valuable feedback move onto the final development and pre-promotion stage for your campaign.

Google closed the door on it's 'Sandbox' project and left an announcement that Caffeine would be going live 'sometime after the holidays'. This announcement created an Internet buzz filling up Blogs, articles, and gaining industry news attention.

- Feed your target market previews to build additional anticipation in the weeks leading up to the full launch.

Google Caffeine 'under the hood' changes started taking place prior to their outside the hood implementation. 'Real Time' search involving live Twitter feeds began to show up on a regular basis during the latter part of December and early January. This led to additional Internet chatter resulting in search users, SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media companies and others asking for more.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- "There's a good reason Google is most recognized Search Engine in the World. And much of it has to do with their steady and effective approach to launching Caffeine."

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