dwaynefordmusic.com Announces Collector's Album 'Needless Freaking' Now Available On iTunes

Sony Music and dwaynefordmusic.com have teamed up to make "Needless Freaking" available on iTunes. This "collectors album" features some of the world's best musicians including Steve Lukather, Jeff Percaro, Mike Percaro, Jay Graydon, David Foster and, of course, Dwayne Ford.

Online PR News – 22-February-2012 – Indio, California – Dwayne Ford's classic rock album "Needless Freaking" is now available on iTunes. This album is a "must have" for collectors and music aficionados thanks to the roster of high profile musicians who helped make the recording. Steve Lukather on guitar, Jeff Percaro on drums and Mike Percaro on bass - all three from the band TOTO. Also appearing on the album are David Foster, Jay Graydon, Neil Stubenhaus and many other top tier studio musicians.

Even though the album was produced in the early 80's, it is still compelling listening. It provides a glimpse of just how good some of these players performed. This album also has an interesting history. Although David Foster helped in the production of the album, he refused to acknowledge it and even threatened law suits against Ford for giving him (Foster) credits on the album.

must have

"I certainly understand why David felt the way he did. He wanted complete creative control if his name was going to be on it. But the fact that David never got behind this record is probably the most significant event in my life. Although we have patched up our relationship - such as it is - I have no doubt that had David supported the album my life would be very different today", says Ford.

Ford's new book, "Rock This Kitchen" describes in detail how that all went down and makes for some very interesting, if esoteric reading. "Rock This Kitchen" is also available on iTunes.

Although the album received almost unanimous critical acclaim, it failed to gain any traction in North America. However, Japan and Europe are a very different story. In 1980/1981 "Needless Freaking" was the second biggest Japanese import album from Canada. Reviews are scattered all over the internet and "black market" copies of the album have been widely distributed, sometimes fetching astronomical prices, not a dime of which went to Ford.

Ford's career was about to take off with the launch of "Needless Freaking" but the abrupt closure of Sefel Records (the original record company) immediately following the release virtually guaranteed it's financial failure. CBS/Epic picked up the album but the damage was done. Nonetheless, the album has a staunch group of fans, mostly from Japan - enough so that Sony has re-released the album 3 or 4 different times. The last re-release was supposedly to coincide with a tour of Japan by David Foster.

"Needless Freaking" is one of those rare recordings that are worth having in any musical line-up. It is a perfect example of what might have been under different circumstances. Download the album, download the book, listen, read and wonder.

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