Radiant Technologies Partners With A Leading E-Commerce Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

San Diego, California– July 21, 2011 - Radiant Technologies partners with Sana Commerce, a leading e-Commerce solution, to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Online PR News – 24-February-2012 – – The solution benefits from a seamless, rea-time integration with Dynamics NAV which is easy, simple and fast to both setup and use. This solution is in use with B2BB2B, B2C, mixed mode (both), and Sales Portal environments. Sana takes advantage of the pricing calculations, data and business rules already available in the Dynamics NAV system.

This release sets new standards for seamlessly integrated web stores, with its ease of use, quick installation, and flexibility. Sana Commerce is genuinely built for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, meaning that the web store’s business logic and business information is processed by Dynamics NAV in real time. Sana Commerce 7.5 quickly delivers a complete, pre-deployed starter site with virtually no set-up time. In addition, Sana’s flexible back office allows multiple navigation ‘trees’ to be defined using the new ‘dynamic product sets’ in Dynamics NAV, enabling easy setup of departments within the web shop. Lastly, Sana Commerce is easy; users are served by the new, intuitive and web based Sana Commerce back office, which was designed to optimally support non-financial and non-web-designer roles.

In the webinar, the following topics were reviewed:
· Branding platform for all web visitors (consumers, dealers, retailers, sales team)
· Real time inventory
· Customer specific pricing, discounts, ship to’s etc.
· Account and order status access like shipment dates, payment status etc.
· Ability for Sales Team to place orders for customers
· iPad Application for online/offline access
· Fully customizable Software Development Kit
· Uses .Net 3.5 with C-Sharp and Visual studio (4.0 coming up)
· Microsoft Dynamics NAV Certified

Contact Radiant Technologies to learn more about these topics: sales@radiant.us.com

About Radiant Technologies:
Radiant Technologies is an international supply chain software sales and implementation company with offices in North America, Europe and Asia, and headquarters in San Diego, California. Our mission is to serve the complete ERP software needs of mid-sized businesses. We provide our world-class service through our team of experienced analysts, developers, trainers, support staff and consultants who have an extensive background and considerable hands-on experience in finance and supply chain ERP systems. We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible experience to our clients throughout the process, from the initial needs analysis to post implementation support.

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