Leo Impact Publishes New Book "The Secret of Hacking-Fourth Edition 2012

The Secret of Hacking-Fourth', a comprehensive book on ethical hacking is just released. The book aims to educate IT professionals about hacking techniques and the various possible counter-measures.

Online PR News – 22-February-2012 – – New York, USA: New book is a unique guide for IT and security professionals to streamline their IT security. Based on years of cyber security expertise, this book provides all the ingredients needed to create easy-to-understand High level Ethical Hacking knowledge to prevent digital attacks.

The book contains various modules on advanced ethical hacking.

Chapter 1: Computer Hacking Methodology

• Hacking view for programmers, users, analyst, ethical hacker, managers/CEO, administrators
• IT Act/Laws & How to bypass
• Technology security aspects (Firewall, AV, IPS, IDS,cloud security)
• Steps of Hacking
• Reconnaissance
• Enumerate ion & Scanning
• Obtaining Access
• Maintaining Access & Erasing Evidence
• How to Defect Scanning (IP, Windows, Linux and Mac) and port scanning a site

Chapter 2 Setting up your Lab environment


• How criminals & hackers catches by LEA & Govt.
• How to Defect them:
• Anonymous Payment processing
• Buy any item anonymously on internet (Digital currency convert system)
• Send /Receive money anonymously
• Ultimate PayPal guide for Hackers
• Browsing anonymously (HTTPs Proxies, or TOR Network)
• Offshore VPN, VPS
• List of free VPN providers
• Tunneling for anonymity (SSH Tunneling)
• Covert channel on Phone for secure browsing
• Design Bulletproof C&C environment (FLUX, FAST FLUX) ,TUN and TAP

Chapter 3 Advanced Malware, Trojans and Backdoor's development


• Malware types & capabilities
• Polymorphism Metamorphism and latest Malware techniques
• Writing Trojans, RAT, Key loggers
• Writing Self-Modifying Code
• Writing BOTNETS (HTTP & IRC)
• Design 100% anonymous Command and control
• Design & Development using source code Ubot, Spyeye
• Writing Boot kit, Root kit & Bios Level Root kits
• Advanced persistent threat (APT) * Distributed malware
• Avoiding Malware UAC alerts
• Avoiding Malware reverse engineering
• Actual Attack &Exercise with source code

Chapter 4 Cryptography & Reverse engineering


• Avoiding Malware Detections-100% FUD (Scan time & Behavior)
• Online & offline crypters, Reverse engineering stuff / anti-reversing methods
• Debuggers and debugger design
• General-Purpose CPU Registers
• The Stack, Debug Events
• Soft, Memory & Hardware Breakpoints
• Immunity Debugger ,Olledbg, Soft ICE, IDA pro, protectionid
• Dll& code injection
• Reverse Engineering using bindiff
• SSL hacking & Stenography

Chapter 5 Application & Website attacks


• Introduction of SQL injection, XSS
• Live Hacking tools (python)
• XSS attacks and benefits
• Hacking Web Authentication
• How hackers target and hack your site
• Application Fuzzing with OWASP Web Goat and Burp Suite
• How to prevent web application attacks

Chapter 6 Art of Exploitation


• Fuzzing Windows Drivers, OllyDbg Tricks for Exploit Development
• Using fuzzers (SPIKE) to find vulnerabilities
• Exploit Development
• Metasploit for Exploit development-
• File based (PDf, RTF, XLS, etc)
• Browser based
• Network based
• Social Engineering - SET
• How to make FUD payloads & Exploits
• Custom Encoding, encryption
• Shell coding
• Incorporating Custom Shell code Into The Metasploit Framework
• Exploitation mitigations
• In-depth review of GS, ASLR, DEP, SafeSEH and SEHOP
• Bypassing NX (bypassing DEP,ASLR, SafeSEH,etc)
• Implementing a universal bypass of DEP and ASLR in IE8,etc
• Writing Custom Encoders with no null Bytes
• SSL based Malwares
• Source code
Chapter 7 Network Hacking


• Scanning and target detection & prevention
• Sniffing and MITM Attacks
• CISO IOS Hacking
• DNS Hacking (Beginner to Advance)
• DDOS on Email, IP, phone, SMS
• Python tools for penetration testers
• VoIP Penetration Testing & VoIP Hacking
• How to design Secure Tele communication (SIP, Device, mobile)

Chapter 8 Cracking & Securing Wireless Systems


• Wifi Technology
• Cracking wifi passwords
• Wifi Hacking & create fake access point's
• Satellite Hacking
Chapter 9 Final Attack


• Planning
• Spreading ways
• Local Attacks-Hacking using tennyusb
• File Based attacks
• Remote Attacks
• Mass Level attack
• Ways for different type of Mass level attacks (Iframe, Magazine, and Social eng.)
• Ways to Send Bulk SMS and Emails, Spread Malware via BOTS, facebooks
• Man-in-the-browser’ Attack
• How to Buy /sell credit card numbers

Chapter 10 Securing Systems & Networks


• Prevention for Advanced Digital attacks -APT
• Design Secure System
• Prevent outside attacks using VPN & load balancer
• Design PFSense Firewall network

Appendix A about the DVD

Special Features:

• New Powerful Content
• DVD with Latest Tools + Source code
• Better classification on Videos with comments -Video Membership
• Virtual lab to test and design exploits, malwares, shell codes, etc

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