Boditronics Launches New Packaging on All Nutritional Supplements

The launch of new tubs and labels marking the ultra high standards of their products is announced by Boditronics, the renowned supplier of protein powders and sports supplements

Online PR News – 22-February-2012 – – Aylesbury, Bucks Boditronics brand gets a new look with its packaging style now matching the ultra high standards of the products inside. This leading supplier of nutritional supplements just launches new bespoke Gloss PET tubs and PP Glassine labels to mark the quality of products they supply customers. The company has been a prominent supplier of 'Whey protein' made supplements throughout various parts of the world.

It is a fast paced life style out there these days and not surprisingly, a quick result is what is expected out of anything being done. In the world of fitness and Body building though, there is no short cut to achieve quick results. "No pain, no gain" as the famous sayings goes, suits perfectly well for Body building. However, there are a few ways in which the process can be quickened. And Whey Protein( ) has proven to be the best nutritional support for anyone working on building his body.

With literally low level of fat and cholesterol and with as high as 80% protein by weight, Whey protein is highly instrumental in strengthening the tissues and subsequently building the muscles.

To make Whey protein an easily consumable product, it has been transformed into protein powder( ) and to make it pleasant to consume, fruit flavors are added to it. Quite a few flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, etc. are now available these days. Unlike other protein that are consumed for general health, Whey protein can be termed as a Bodybuilding protein( ) as it helps to a large extent to strengthen the muscles and provides all the nutrients to build the stamina for heavy workouts.

As a thumb rule, body builders are expected to consume 1.5gms of Whey protein for every pound of his body weight. Rather than consuming the required proteins in one go, it would also be a good idea to have it in 3 or 4 servings a day. This way, it keeps the body system active and provides the required support while performing heavy workouts in the Gym.

"We DON'T sell miracle products. Our products are top quality, yes…in fact, we truly believe that they are amongst the best if not the best on the market and used correctly they will certainly help you achieve your goals", quotes Mr. Simon Phillips, Managing Director of Boditronics Ltd.

After years of research and development, Boditronics now have wide variety of supplements including the Protein powders with various flavors. The new tubs developed by the company range for 1200ml capacity through 2250ml , 4000ml and 6000ml. Photographs of all the new tubs and labels are available for retailers and stockists by visiting or by emailing