Webwoodenblinds.co.uk started promoting FSC Blinds

Webwoodenblinds.co.uk brings forth another advantageous and appealing product designed to bring numerous advantages to any interior by promoting FSC blinds.

Online PR News – 08-February-2010 – – Accepting social responsibility and manifesting concern with the preservation of the natural environment, the company has decided to promote a new special type of wooden blinds which are made from FSC approved timbers.

This way, Webwoodenblinds.co.uk supports the responsible management of forests around the world since this special type of blind is made of wood especially grown to be used in the wood processing industry.

FSC wood comes from forests where trees are planted especially for the wood industry and where special conditions are provided so that the development of each tree is not affected by damaging factors such as polluted soil. Also for each cut down tree, a new one is planted in order to ensure that the number of trees remains a constant. This happens to avoid fast paced deforestation which could lead to very negative consequences for the environment.

The FSC blinds Webwoodenblinds has started selling online are more than just eco friendly window treatments with a very appealing look, they are luxurious shades designed to bring together style, elegance, quality and none the less functionality. The attention to details, finishing touches as well as customization options, which are all included in the price make the FSC blinds present on www.webwoodenblinds.co.uk a responsible choice for home improvement.

Present in the online environment for some time now, Webwoodenblinds.co.uk has established a reputation by selling quality made to measure wooden blinds at low retail prices.

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