Finding Career Clarity In An Ever Changing World

Victoria, BC — February 14, 2012. What are the next steps on your career path? Join life-coach and author Julia James in a life-defining, career-changing workshop.

Online PR News – 22-February-2012 – – Victoria, British Columbia Whether you are a college graduate with no idea where to start or which career path to take, stuck in a job you don't like, or stalled mid-way up the career ladder knowing things have to change, this workshop will help you develop a plan that will create momentum and change.

Would you like to make a career move but are concerned with how to do so? Do you contemplate how you'll be able to make the changeover successfully while still paying your bills? Are you puzzled by the first actions you need to take? If you want to transition into a different industry or occupation successfully and effortlessly - the good news is you can! All it requires thoughtful planning, time and a commitment to make it happen.

Many people feel alone in their career transition. There isn't any one to reply on, not many people realize what you're experiencing and sometimes it's hard to find someone to offer support and give objective suggestions. Family and friends mean well, but can occasionally deflate our career dreams or offer well meaning advice that simply leaves us more confused.

Julia James( ) knows from experience that changing careers is a big deal. And it can seem substantially more daunting when you feel like you're going through the transition by yourself. Says James, "I've personally experienced what it takes to change careers and create the life of your dreams. I moved from Germany to Canada and then transitioned out of a stressful job in Engineering to self-employment as a life-coach."

The workshop will provide you with guidance, realistic information and an action plan. Make your career change as smooth and successful as possible! Weekly sessions include exercises, action items, and home work which will help you break down your career transition into concrete, measurable steps.

Learn how to:

- Get in touch with your passion, strengths, values and dreams

- Make your path to success meaningful and enriching

- Design the next steps on your professional path

WHERE: Monterey Recreation Centre, 1442 Monterey Avenue, Victoria( ), BC

WHEN: Tuesdays, 7 - 8:30 pm, Feb. 21 - March 20

To register call 250-370-7300

Julia James helps her clients achieve their personal and professional goals through effective delegation, focus and professional advancement.

About the Author:

Julia James is a multi-lingual Vancouver-based Certified Life Coach( ), International speaker and award-winning author of The Mini-Retreat Solution. She works with busy professionals locally and around the world. Her signature strength is teaching people how to relax and refresh quickly. For more information, visit