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Episode 44 of Red Tent Radio features Simon Treselyan (author and motivational speaker), Linda Orchard (Fundraising for cancer research) and Ludwina Dautovic discussing the power of having an expert audio interview of yourself on your website.

Online PR News – 23-February-2012 – – This week on Red Tent Radio, Ludwina Dautovic’s featured guest is Simon Treselyan. At the age of 16, Simon became one of the youngest karate "Black Belts" in the United Kingdom. He then went on to serve for 19 years in the United Kingdom Military Special Forces, spending most of his service in covert operations. Now Simon works in the personal development field and has delivered corporate and public seminars worldwide, inspiring thousands of people. He has also written several books (one of which is on the path to being rendered into a movie) and lives by the motto “Courage Conquers All Things”.

The “What’s Hot” segment has been rechristened “Biz Tip”. Ludwina briefly mentions the power of having an expert audio interview of yourself on your website, what this can achieve and how to go about doing one.

The "My Biz, Your Biz" segment is being preempted this week with a special interview where Ludwina talks to her sister-in-law, Linda Orchard, about her participation in the “World’s Greatest Shave”. It is a national fundraiser for leukaemia support and research where participants raise money by shaving their heads or coloring their hair funky colors. This also raises visual awareness for the cause. Linda shares why she is doing it and some of the reactions she is getting from the effort.

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