Buc-ees Convenience Stores Using Video Interviews to Find Top Employees

In competitive retail recruiting, video provides a powerful advantage

Online PR News – 21-February-2012 – – Throughout the Gulf Coast region of Texas, millions of customers have come to trust Buc-ees for their service and quality of products. It goes without saying that every store will be clean, well stocked and staffed with top notch employees. In a competitive retail business, it is critical that you hire the right people to represent your brand.

With every company clamoring for the cream of the crop, Buc-ees is winning the race for talent. How they do it is yet another reason why Buc-ees will continue to build loyalty and strengthen their brand throughout Texas and surrounding markets.

Not only was TalentRooster the most cost effective their technology platform allowed our managers to review applicant videos 24/7.

According to the owner, Buc-ees receives over 16,000 applications per year. It requires an enormous amount of time to sift through applications, schedule interviews and finally identify those that will best represent the Buc-ees brand. The owner tasked himself to investigate options to improve this ages old problem.

Buc-ees decided to consider video interview technology, a powerful tool that expedites the hiring process. Video empowers Buc-ees leadership to “see and hear” applicants answer relevant questions, before committing to a live interview. The net result is faster hires and a significant savings of time and money.

Buc-ees looked at several video interview firms with varying styles and cost, but ultimately TalentRooster was the clear choice. “Not only was TalentRooster the most cost effective, their technology platform allowed our managers to review applicant videos 24/7. “Managers can view videos at their leisure and share them with other members of their team. The time and money we are saving is truly remarkable”.

Although TalentRooster offers a web based solution, Buc-ees decided to put kiosks in their stores enabling applicants to apply in person. “As our team grows more comfortable with this technology, we will add it to our online application”, said the owner.

To learn more about video interviewing technology, go to www.TalentRooster.com

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