The Victoria Chart Company Partners With Rebecca Michi To Create The 'Good Night Sleep Tight Chart'

The Victoria Chart Company, a leading UK developer of behavior and reward charts for kids, has teamed up with Rebecca Michi, Child's Sleep Consultant to create a reward system to help families build a solid bedtime routine for children.

Online PR News – 20-February-2012 – – Sleep influences entire families lives and wellbeing. For a parent a good nights sleep can be determined by the sleep routine of their child.

It is a well known fact how important it is to get a good night's sleep. It helps the body to feel refreshed and be full of energy. A night without sleep can leave the body feeling exhausted and irritable impacting performance throughout the day. For a parent, a restful evening and a good night's sleep can be determined by the routine of their child. If there isn't a routine then it can make for a stressful family time.

"One of the most important things we can do for a child is to create a good bedtime routine" says Rebecca Michi, Seattle based Children's Sleep Consultant. "That's why I teamed with The Victoria Chart Company, a leader of behavior and reward charts for kids, to develop the Good Night, Sleep Tight chart"

Infant and toddler sleep problems can have a detrimental effect on parental mood (i.e. Depression and anxiety), marital satisfaction and parental stress level. Increasing evidence shows that sleep disruption or lack of sleep is harmful to children’s learning ability, concentration, mood, attention and behavior. Sleep deprivation in children has been linked to lowered immune systems, diabetes, depression, hindered physical development, stress and anxiety.

The Good night sleep tight chart is a fun, simple to use chart and brings great results for both parent and child. It has been designed as a simple reward chart system using fun colored stickers to acknowledge sucessfully completed steps by the child. A free printable Good Night, Sleep Tight certificate complements the chart and is available to download from The Victoria Chart Company's Facebook page.

The Victoria Chart Company's President and Founder Victoria Ballard says "We are at the forefront of knowing what parents struggle with, the pressures of modern day life can be very disruptive to the simplest of routines. Our Good Night, Sleep Tight chart with its supportive information sheet provides families with the necessary tool to create the all-important, regular bedtime routine for their child".

About [Victoria Chart Company LLC]The Victoria Chart Company™ was founded in 2004 by Victoria Ballard. Victoria discovered that a reward system she developed worked fabulously well for her children. The system worked so well that she has dedicated her time to creating tools for parents and professionals to help children and their families realize the power of developmental progress that comes from the simple process of Encourage & Praise™. The Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart is available for $14.99 from their website. The Victoria Chart Company also produces the My Big Star Chart which is an excellent tool for parents when used as a Potty Training chart. For help finding something on the website contact Victoria at Coupons can be found at

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