Flickr Meets Istockphoto

Snapixel combines Flickr and Istockphoto to make it easy to sell and share photos.

Online PR News – 11-June-2009 – – Say goodbye to the old photography stock houses and say hello to Photographers and enthusiasts can get paid a fair price for what they already love to do and stock users have a fresh new resource to fulfill their creative needs.

Created by three photographers who were fed up with the current photo stock offerings, Snapixel offers photographers more than the traditional stock photography house. How much more? Well to start with, compared to the 20% photographers get from the sale of their photos from most other stock houses, Snapixel pays 60% to the photographer. That’s a huge difference.

Snapixel also offers Openstock™. Photographers of all levels, from the photo enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, can submit their work into the Snapixel marketplace without existing stock photo constraints. This is great for people wanting to sell stock, but who may have not had the opportunity to sell through big stock house like Getty and Corbis or other microstock sites, such as Istockphoto.

Take Chief Operations Officer and co-founder, Ivan Wong shot some photos of a mountain biking event to post online for other mountain bikers to enjoy and never intended to sell the photos. Then a marketing agency (after searching other stock houses and not finding what they were looking for) contacted Ivan directly after seeing some of his mountain bike photos online. They asked Ivan for a specific shot of a mountain bike rider. So, Ivan searched his personal library of photos and submitted a set of photos for them to review. After several rounds of negotiating a price, he was offered a fair price of $300 for the rights to the image to be used for an advertising campaign in a national mountain bike magazine.

Ivan made $300 on a photo he never even thought about selling but the negotiation process was tedious and time consuming and the marketing agency had to comb the Internet looking for other resources for their creative assets. Hence Snapixel’s custom photo request was born.

If that special image you are looking for can’t be found in Snapixel’s stock library then it can be requested. Say you have a project that needs to comply with certain specifications mandated from a client or project like Ivan’s mountain biker. Through a custom photo request, Snapixel will broadcast those specs to a growing pool of photographers, whomay have an existing photo in their catalog or might be available to do a custom photo shoot to fulfill the request. Snapixel handles all the price negotiations.

Snapixel is also an online community where photographers can view, critique and discuss what they are doing; they can create social groups based on interests and get advise and feedback from their peers. They also have created helpful tools for members to upload, manage and store photos. For instance a photographer can upload their photographs and build an online portfolio, which can then be promoted through the site.

So if you’re a creative professional looking for a unique stock photo, a photographer looking for a better price or someone who takes photos for fun and may want to post their photos for sale take a look at what Snapixel has to offer.

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