PropertyChitChat.Sg Launches New Real Estate Forum and Property Marketplace in Singapore

Buying, Selling and Renting of Real Estate and property made easy in Singapore

Online PR News – 20-February-2012 – – PropertyChitChat.Sg is the latest Real estate forum and online property marketplace in Singapore. A property portal where registered members can list their houses for sale or rent for free. Member can also post real estate-related questions on the property market in Singapore in the forum.

The forum is mainly organized in four categories — Discussion, Buying, Selling and Renting. In the discussion section, registered members of PropertyChitChat.Sg can post their real estate related questions in Singapore and receive feedback and replies from other members. The buying section allow member to post the properties they are looking for, whether one is looking to buy a flat, apartment or condo in certain district in Singapore, they can post it there. All visitors can also seek out real estate experts and ask specific questions on property prices, loan, yield, investment, outlook, launch, valuation, financing, outlook and other tips

Finally the market place is the section that allows member to post their properties for sale or rent. This section is further sub-categorized in various district and area for easy navigation. This section is open to all and not restricted to real estate agent only.

All members will receive e-mail alerts to notify one when another member replies with interest to buy or rent their properties or issues they care about are discussed. It does not matter whether one is a real estate agent or a buyer looking for a house to rent, lease or buy, one can now ask questions and exchange answers on Singapore real estate online. All this can be done in a very open and transparent forum environment that is completely free for all to join.

“With over 90 percent of Real Estate buyers and sellers in Singapore turning to the Internet to help them buy, sell, lease and rent their house, apartment, flat and condominium. An open online community and forum like PropertyChitChat.Sg where our members can get advice and share information is an important part of the PropertyChitChat.Sg experience,” said Kelly Chan, Marketing Director of PropertyChitChat.Sg.

To view real estate questions and answers or to buy or rent a property in Singapore, register and visit http://www.PropertyChitChat.Sg

PropertyChitChat.Sg is Singapore-based Real estate forum and online property marketplace

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