Antevorta Capital Partners are pleased to announce the listing of IQ Money Plc on the GXG Markets UK

IQ Money Plc. and its directors are pleased to announce that shares of the company have commenced trading on the GXG Markets UK OTC on February 20th, 2011 under the trading symbol GXG: IQMO.

Online PR News – 23-February-2012 – – About IQ Money Plc.

IQMoney has developed a ground breaking financial services concept that combines on Finetrading with the power of social networking and in parallel provides a private bourse where investors, shareholder and private companies can connect, invest and trade.

At the heart of IQMoney’s value proposition is the provision of next generation financial trading arid private capital markrket platforms that harness the power of social networking and monetise revenue streams resuIting from community co-operations.

As a next generation financial services provider, the social networking component is completely integrated into the IQMoney Platform. Users will be able to find other members with similar investment profiles which may go beyond just being friends. Users can connect with other members and create secure circles of trust. These are groups of users that share a particular interest. A user can be a member of more than one circle of trust. Within each group, members are free to share information, exchange ideas about investing and finance, seek advice, or discuss opportunities etc. Business users can share and learn from other professionals, boost business visibility, and create new business contacts and opportunities.

A crucial point of difference compared to other online financial services or financial networking websites is that IQMoney allows users to compare their trading performance to other users on the platform. Disclosure of trading performance is optional but there are several important benefits to disclosing information and actively participating within the IQMoney networking communities.

During the past few years, many financial services sector online strategy experts have indicated that current financial services websites will be rendered obsolete as new technologies emerge and younger consumers have developed radically different online behaviour patterns. The general consensus now is that the next generation of digital financial services will be characterized by the following five attributes:

Simplicity – making it easy for customers to achieve their goals.
Ubiquity- interacting with customers wherever they want.
Personalization – making the entire experience relevant to individual needs.
Empowerment – enabling customers to take action by themselves.
Reassurance – providing human help whenever it adds value.
The old financial services paradigm has failed. During last decade excessive leverage and inadequate regulation created financial institutions with unsustainable business models which were hit badly by the global financial crisis. Financial institutions have lost credibility resulting in trend of dismtermediation of banks and financial institutions.

More effective regulation will make the development of new opaque high margin financial products more difficult, with the result that financial institutions revenues will be at a lower level and cost cutting will be inevitable. Many financial institutions didn’t make adequate investment in in innovative financial technology before the financial crisis and now face enormous cuts in their technology and R&D budgets. Customers now expect more transparent and flexible financial services and cheaper products. Retail customers in particular are refusing to accept price discrimination.

This situation creates an opportunity for new online financial services providers that are able to deliver financial service products and services at significantly lower cost. IQMoney is one of these new financial.

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