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SEO Company Pakistan has completed their 4373rd project of web design and web development i.e. says Mr. Luqman Qadir, He said our website design and website development clients expect eye catchy and seo optimized web design and web development and this is the case all our designed sites rank in the top of the Google

Online PR News – 08-February-2010 – – SEO Company has completed their 4373rd web design and web development project which can be seen at – Luqman Qadir – Team Leader at SEO Company Pakistan announced our clients hire us from worldwide because the kind of reputation we have build with 24/7 support and rock bottom prices for all the services we are offering.

About E Quran Tutor:

E Quran Tutor is world’s most respected and renowned Quran school that is helping humans worldwide learn to recite Quran, A Quran Academy with most talented Quran teachers making Quran recitation, memorization, Tajweed, Tafseer and Quran recitation with tajweed easier to learn for everyone out there. was a great project and we have gone beyond in delivering our client with what they were looking for and we have gone beyond in delivering number of things we did not promise or committed Luqman says. This project includes online attendance and mark system and a huge download section, he said, we have promised 4 weeks to deliver the project and I and my website designers and web developers are glad we have delivered this project on time and in budget in 3 weeks time.

This project has number of functions including Signup and register options which comes under user management as well as social community within the portal, online support system and an impressive newsletter which can be used for your respective clients or as an email marketing software

Moreover, this project also has dynamic system for creating as many courses or products and online shopping cart, flash Quran and Quran 3-days Quran learning trial, audios and videos section and even huge Islamic wallpapers and screensavers, Articles, press releases and even questions about Islam and so on.

Specifically in this project, there are number of things including user and search engine friendly website design and development, this project also automatically disable users that has completed their online Quran learning course, Quran tutors section where Quran teachers may login for Quran lessons online.

This was a wonderful project Luqman Says, the head of SEO Company and in my opinion must be the world’s biggest Quran and Islam related website that has a lot more to offer than you see on front side like online training system and Quran courses, learning trials and a blog with worth studying content and Quran teachers community and Islamic and Quran related news section.

Luqman Said, I believe, we are an only web design company and even web development company that has world’s well talented web designers and web developers and even software developers which are helping our clients business grow, each web page we design and we develop, we do our best to make it a money earning machine, and why not? Our search engine optimizers and search engine marketers do their best to help customer with the right seo aspects included in all website.

At the end of Quran tutor website ceremony, E Quran tutor rights has been transferred to the owner and its respective bodies, Mr. Zia Anas that runs the world’s most largest Quran School and Quran Academy in United States expressed, He was very happy to work with SEO Company and they have seriously gone beyond in providing us with amazing web design and web development service

Mr. Zia that runs Quran School and Quran academy added, I have discovered the great side of the company where there owner Mr. Luqman Qadir views each and every web design and web development project and he is very serious and sincere with his customers from Pakistan and even worldwide. SEO Company was the best decision we made and we are more than happy saying we have the world’s largest Quran and Islam site on the internet planet only with the help of SEO Company

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