Google Analytics boosts website marketing services with new languages

website marketing sector are set to receive a boost with the introduction of six more languages to Google Analytics.

Online PR News – 08-February-2010 – – Companies in the website marketing sector are set to receive a boost with the introduction of six more languages to Google Analytics.

The service allows people working in website promotion to monitor site traffic and website marketing effectiveness.

The free-to-use tool can work in conjunction with an AdWords account, allowing website marketers to make informed decisions about site design improvements, drive targeted traffic and increase conversions and profits.

Late last week, Google Analytics became available in Bulgarian, Catalan, Greek, Lithuanian, Slovak, and Vietnamese, bringing the total number of languages now covered by the platform to 31.

The move will allow many more people involved in website marketing worldwide to become users and maybe even first-time advertisers.
Experts have suggested that the changes could boost online marketing services in Europe and Asia.

On the official Google Analytics blog, the search engine said the move was part of "a large, cross-functional effort to localise the product".

"It's been amazing to see the growth in the analytics industry over the last few years and as usage and the analytics dialogue scales internationally, our product, team and ecosystem are scaling right along with it," Google said.
The Advertiser Talk website states that the companies who manage to survive today's "cutthroat online business environment" are largely doing so because they have mastered the strategy of making Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising work.

Further, Direct Traffic Media blogger Lily Townsend said last week that web analytics makes it so easy to judge the return on investment of internet advertising campaigns that people involved in website marketing have begun ignoring other platforms.

Google recently advised users of its Analytics service that it was not unusual to see discrepancies between the figures reported for AdWords clicks and Google Analytics visits from an AdWords campaign.

The search engine giant noted that the skewed results are often down to mistagged campaigns or keywords and recommended that users have enabled the auto-tagging feature to ensure cost data is applied to the right profiles.