GateWall DNS Filter Cloud: Cloud-Based Service on Amazon EC2 Platform

Entensys, a leading Russian software developer dealing in Internet security solution is glad to announce the full-fledged release of GateWall DNS Filter Cloud, its cloud-based service on Amazon EC2 platform.

Online PR News – 20-February-2012 – – GateWall DNS Filter Cloud is a cloud solution that filters DNS-requests and thus blocks dangerous or non-target resources, and provides analysis of Internet usage. Entensys URL Filtering technology is utilized in the service.

Cloud services are now a global trend and offer multiple benefits. Companies using such solutions can avoid the need to support their own servers, and still enjoy a much greater level of reliability and data security.

Today, users have a whole range of free Internet filtering solutions before them. The main drawback of such solutions though is a very limited database of websites. As a rule, these include only the most popular Internet resources, and that approach does not provide the required level of threat protection. GateWall DNS Filter Cloud uses a website database that lists more than 500 million Internet resources, divided by categories for greater operating convenience. For example, users can block access to such website groups as "Social Networks," "Job Search," etc.

With the cloud-based GateWall DNS Filter service, users have access to reporting and analysis, as well as custom filter settings. The solution operates on the Amazon EC2 platform, which offers high efficiency and 99.99% reliability.

"Soon working in a "cloud" will be just as common for a modern person as using a cell phone to communicate, for example," said Dmitry Kurashev, Entensys CEO. "We are rapidly moving towards the world where companies will no longer have to use their own servers, and the popularity of GateWall DNS Filter Cloud (even during testing), is more evidence of this trend."

The user operates the cloud service through a special account profile available after registration and connection. User-friendly interface and a system of prompts will help you to find your way about GateWall DNS Filter Cloud.

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