Los angeles California real estate sellers have a new tool

Sellers of Los Angeles real estate now have a new tool designed to maximize their homes sales price and improve internet interaction with agents.

Online PR News – 20-February-2012 – – Sellers of Los Angeles real estate now have a new tool in their arsenal designed to uncover the many items commonly missed in interactions with Los Angeles real estate agents online that would otherwise increase the value of their home.
Sellers every day miss important features of their home that they may have forgotten they added to the home, or now take for granted and don't think it is important in selling their home. The most commonly forgotten feature are dual pane windows. Unless the home has been recently constructed, most homes in the Los Angeles area did not come equipped with this type of window which are great for noise reduction and energy efficiency, savvy buyers look for these features and not mentioning this feature is like leaving money on the table at closing.
Frank Becerra, REALTOR, said :
“We looked around at many different Los Angeles real estate websites and noticed that many have very inadequate tools when it comes to sellers attempting to interact with an agent. Our tool, unlike other real estate tools that are usually designed to obtain the sellers most basic information, is designed so that the Los Angeles real estate seller takes his or her time to tell us about their home.
We've taken our years of experience selling real estate and placed it on our website, we made the seller number one, and then and only then, are we then able to uncover things usually missed, such as upgrades done to the house, energy efficiency features such as dual pane windows, solar systems. These items are not easily visible, but are becoming more of a selling point as savvy buyers of Los Angeles real estate research, look for these items, and demand them. It is no longer the the cosmetic item like a granite counter top.”
Sellers can now take their time and tell us the history of their home, so we can market and paint a more complete picture for the savvy buyer and create value in areas where it could and would have been missed otherwise.
Frank Becerra concluded, “We intend to maximize the sellers profit while minimizing the time on market, and as a result increase both the buyer and seller's satisfaction with the process as a whole.”