Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Joe Mitchell Offers Help To Car Accident Victims

When a person is injured in a car accident and someone else is at fault, that person is entitled to having his/her medical bills that arise from the accident paid, as well as lost wages and some compensation for pain and suffering. For far too many individuals, collecting any of this money due them is next to impossible. Only a personal injury attorney can make insurance companies realize that they can not postpone payment indefinitely.

Online PR News – 08-February-2010 – – Philadelphia, PA 2/08/10 ' Joe Mitchell, Attorney at Law is pleased to announce that his firm is available to offer help to car accident victims who are having a difficult time collecting the money they are owed. Insurance companies tend to drag their feet about paying out injury claims and will try to get victims to settle for considerably less than they deserve. Attorney Mitchell and his staff will fight to get the maximum amount due to accident victims and keep them from settling for a lower sum to the extent possible.

Medical care and lost wages can add up to a sizable amount in a short time if one is hurt very badly in an accident. Even relatively minor injuries normally result in a trip to the emergency room and one or two days missed at work. In addition, the pain one experiences as a result of the accident is worth something because it would not have to be endured were it not for the accident. The person at fault and/or his/her insurance company needs to pay.

A good personal injury attorney can put pressure on the insurance companies to make them pay a fair amount. Most cases settle without having to go to court and without the injured party having to take less than their fair due.

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