Essay Empire offers descriptive essay writing as new service

EssayEmpire, the premium custom essays writing company, now offers new service – descriptive essay writing.

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Descriptive essays are essays containing a thorough description of something. When a student needs to describe an object, an image or a memory of his/her own, it would be helpful to list the way he/she sees, thinks and feels about the subject of the future essay. This is a core of what all descriptions are about.

Unlike many other essay types, descriptive essays need to create an intensely implicated and dramatic reading experience for the potential audience. Successful descriptive essays reach the needed effect not by argument, not by the presentation of facts, or supportive statistics but by means of thorough observations and vivid descriptions.

When planning the descriptive essay of his/her own, the student should consider the following:

- What object, image or person he or she wants to describe?
- What are his/her reasons for writing this descriptive essay?
- What are the particular details or attributes he or she wants to focus on?
The next step in writing a descriptive essay is making a draft:
- What images, sounds, senses and smells are important for the development of the description?
- What details can be included to make sure the audience gets a vivid impression of the subject from writer’s perspective?
The final step in completion of the descriptive essay is revising the draft. When doing it the writer should consider the following:
- Has he or she provided sufficient details to ensure the audience gets a vivid impression of the subject?
- Are there any minor but important details to add?
- Has he or she used the proper words to express his or hers emotion or viewpoint?
- Are there any unnecessary details in the description that can disturb the reader’s imagination?
- Does each paragraph of the essay concentrate on one aspect of the description?
- Are the paragraphs themselves ordered in an effective way?

It is a great exercise in writing of descriptive essays to simply sit down and describe what a writer observes. Nevertheless, when writing a descriptive essay the student has a reason to write on some particular subject. Emotional connection to this reason can help a writer to concentrate his or her description around it and to use proper words to convey his or her own perspective or emotions.

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