Portalbella Brings Fun and Personalization Back to the Browser Home Page

Portalbella.com's service gives web surfers the ability to create a personalized browser home page by offering an easy to use interface that lets the user add their favorite website links, upload a photo as their background, add web widgets, and now the ability to apply themes.

Online PR News – 07-February-2010 – – When Portalbella was launched in early 2009, web surfers were excited to have a way to easily create their own personal browser home page. Until now, there have been very few options that allow a web surfer to personalize their browser home page to the extent that Portalbella offers.
Listening to the fans of Portalbella, on February 2, 2010 Portalbella launched some big changes to their service by redesigning the look and feel of their website and adding some great features, while making site navigation even easier and more efficient. This is exciting news for new and existing users.
The new look of Portalbella gives it that Web 2.0 feel that we have all become accustomed to and enjoy. Site navigation, including the registration process, is now an even easier process. After 4 steps and 2-3 minutes, web surfers can have their new browser home page complete and set. Portalbella has created the process so that anyone with no coding experience can quickly and easily create their own home page.
One of the most requested features by fans has now been added to Portalbella, Themes. Users of Portalbella can now apply a premade theme to their home page which automatically adds the theme background image, links to resources for that particular theme, and custom menu colors.
“With the addition of themes that can be applied to your home page, we’re excited to take Portalbella to a new level,” said Bobby Clark, Founder of Portalbella.com. “We offer themes from popular categories such as Movies & TV, Music, Causes, Lifestyle, Sports, Landscapes, and the catch all, Others.”
Portalbella has seen positive response and praise from users regarding the look and feel of the website and the new additions of themes.
What’s next for Portalbella? They will continue to add new themes on a weekly basis to keep content fresh and aim to offer something for everyone. The next big addition will be the ability to apply predefined web widgets by easily selecting the web widget a user wants. As of now a user must copy and paste the code of web widgets.
By the looks of the recent changes and additions to Portalbella.com, we look forward to what they will bring us in the future.