BCS Solutions Announces Formation of FireflyRFID Solutions

BCS Solutions, a U.S.-based AIDC systems integrator, today announced the formation of FireflyRFID Solutions as a key part of its acquisition strategy of RFID Resolution Team.

Online PR News – 21-February-2012 – – Sanford, NC. – BCS Solutions, a 20-year old systems integrator in the Auto ID industry out of Garden Grove, California, is pleased to announce its expansion into the RFID marketplace with the acquisition of RFID Resolution Team, located in Sanford, NC.

Effective with today’s announcement, the company is being re-launched as FireflyRFID Solutions, a company focused on providing world-class, yet affordable RFID appliances for the Enterprise RFID supply chain market. The company's products enable bi-directional communication with tagged items in a unique way, enabling long range RFID with passive UHF Gen 2 tags.

After 20 years providing AIDC solutions and custom labels adding RFID was a natural fit to expand BCS business due to the renewed and growing excitement in RFID.

“The concept behind our new name is to highlight that FireflyRFID products and solutions are aimed at ‘lighting up’ passive UHF RFID tags”, said David Marin, the company’s President and Founder. "After 20 years providing AIDC solutions and custom labels, adding RFID was a natural fit to expand BCS business due to the renewed and growing excitement in RFID."

Bill Davidson, PhD and founder of RFID Resolution Team, is widely known as a pioneer in the RFID field with several significant patents, including the first multi-frequency, multi-protocol RFID reader developed while he was CTO at SAMSys.

The FireflyRFID Solutions R&D facility will remain in Sanford, NC. Current solutions include dock door portals and Overhead Monitor systems for locating and tracking passive RFID tags. Today, FireflyRFID Overhead Monitor systems are installed at major retailers as “RFID-based EAS systems” (electronic article surveillance) that detect and record the specific item stolen via passive RFID tags...from overhead. RFID EAS systems enable retailers to know, not only that an item was stolen, but which item was stolen. "Improved EAS is just one of the advantages in moving to RFID.", said Marin, "Retailers also get improved anti-theft techniques and dramatically improved store inventory knowledge."

About FireflyRFID Solutions:
FireflyRFID Solutions is a Sanford, NC-based company specializing in highly engineered and refined RFID solutions for the Enterprise. FireflyRFID customers include Retailers, for use both in-store and in the DC, as well as Commercial users for warehousing, distribution and factory floor WIP applications. FireflyRFID can be reached at: info@fireflyrfid.com. In the U.S: Jim McLean, Phone: 714-899-4800, ext 245. Email: jclean@bcssolutions.com. In EMEA: Stuart Benjamin, Phone: +44 (0) 1273 450139 Email: info@accordus.biz.

About BCS Solutions:
BCS Solutions is a 20-year old systems integrator and reseller operating in the AutoID market and specializing in wireless, barcoding, RFID and mobility systems for use in Warehousing, Distribution and Field Systems. Headquartered in Garden Grove, CA, with offices throughout the U.S., BCS partners with the top AIDC vendors in the industry to provide top-shelf wireless solutions for its customers. BCS Solutions also owns and operates BCS Label for the manufacture of blank to 5 color custom labels. BCS Solutions can be reached at: 714-899-4800. Email: info@bcssolutions.com.

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