Irbtrax Offers Promotion for Pepsi Social Media Marketing Strategy

SEO Internet Marketing firm Irbtrax offers Pepsi free promotion for their Social Media Marketing Campaign 'Pepsi Refresh Project'

Online PR News – 07-February-2010 – – Irbtrax SEO Internet Marketing is offering Pepsi a free promotion for their Social Media Marketing strategy called 'Pepsi Refresh Project'. The 'Refresh Project' has been widely acclaimed as the reason Pepsi didn't run Super Bowl ads this year. As such, it's setting a precedent on many levels that will be closely monitored by all forward thinking companies.

Irbtrax has independently analyzed the 'Pepsi Refresh Project' campaign and found that it's innovative use of Social Media can be enhanced by including one important missing ingredient. This missing ingredient would be the cornerstone of the free promotion offered by Irbtrax and is perfectly aligned with Pepsi's Social Media based 'Refresh Project'.

According to Irbtrax SEO Internet Marketing founder Scott Moir-"We were very impressed with the Pepsi Refresh Project because it's not only a great example of the power of Social Media Marketing it also incorporates Advocacy. This is definitely a worthy and winning combination."

Moir adds that the 'Pepsi Refresh Project' social media marketing plan as presently constructed could significantly benefit from one key missing ingredient which would maximize it's reach and results. Further stating that this ingredient would be presented to Pepsi if someone with the ability to influence their marketing decisions contacted Irbtrax.

It's also understood that Pepsi has already established a budget and marketing course for this project. Which is why the offer is free of cost with no conditions attached. This 'missing ingredient' has tremendous flexibility and is rapidly adaptable to real time market demands.

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