Who cares about prosperity when many have lost their jobs?

C. Paschal Eze’s Prosperity Power Kit book
reveals forbidden secrets, principles and applications of true prosperity, while tackling negative thought patterns and attitudes that promote and deepen poverty.

Online PR News – 06-February-2010 – – As many around us have lost their jobs and others are deep-seated in fear about losing theirs, the common thrust is survival, not prosperity. Yet, a new workshop in book form by Coralville Iowa-based cleantech entrepreneur, international speaker and small business coach, C. Paschal Eze, contends that tough economic times actually challenge people to go beyond surviving for today to prospering for a lifetime and passing it on to posterity.

Is prosperity confined to wealth as many people think? Prosperity Power Kit says no, explaining how and why it transcends wealth to include good health, happiness, quality relationships, integrity and spirituality, among others.

And for captive listeners of talk show giants, who have bought the commercial ratings-inspired contention that they are not prospering in the American nation founded and built by immigrants because of the presence and contributions of neo-immigrants, the workshop reminds them we are all immigrants, and that excuses do not take the place of doing the right things individuals must do to prosper – like thinking and working smartly, saving, spending and investing prudently, recreating and eating healthy, and associating and networking with wise people.

What of able-bodied people complacently collecting government welfare checks without seeking marketable skills? Eze asks if they are any different from politicians who work the system to get highest bidder campaign funding, pork and grants to help them secure more influence, money, authority and votes.

While there are many people who justifiably embrace, support and live off the reverse mortgage industry, the idea of not leaving inheritance for one’s children and grandchildren as the bible says one should, leads the author to describe reverse mortgage as bad.

“Prosperity is no prosperity if it dies with me. It has to be passed on to my future generations as all prosperous people throughout history have done,” posits Eze, whose 7th book Divorce Appetizers: All you shouldn’t eat, and what to do when you eat them shows how to tackle marital recession even in economic recession.

Are those Christians who say the only thing you have to do to get wealth is to pay tithe right? May be not! The friendly take-me-along-with-you workshop points out that being spiritual descendants of Abraham as the bible says, it is necessary to remember that Abraham was very rich even before he paid the first tithe in the bible, and he did so after he was blessed by the priest, not before. He was loving, hard working and generous, had understanding of times and seasons, trusted God even in the most difficult circumstances, took calculated risks, made the best use of his own resources in dealing with his challenges and problems, and so on.

Prosperity Power Kit is a three-part workshop. The first resourceful part takes participants through the 10 most important attributes of truly prosperous people, helping them appreciate and embrace them. The second is the toolbox part where the participants are encouraged, equipped and guided to do some life-changing but easy exercises in just 5 days. The third part is the discussion questions for individuals but especially groups, a total of 16 important questions.

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