Free Sheet Music Database Website Surpasses the 4,000 mark in Music Sheets Available

Free sheet music website continues to grow making it one of the best resources in obtaining sheet music.

Online PR News – 06-February-2010 – – February 5, 2010 -, an indexer that retrieves free sheet music from all kinds of sites to visitors, continues its objective in providing a clean interface for people to easily find music sheets online from one location. The website continues to work providing sheet music coming from popular song titles by taking advantage of the times when copyright protection expires so that it is legal to post these free sheets to the public domain.

Tony Lee, who is one of the experienced users, explains the whole idea of free sheet music by saying, "The music is typically public domain that means that you can freely use it without charge or permission. The public domain is most often discussed against this with copyright protected works. Usually sheet music compositions are covered by copyright from the time of their creation for a limited time period. When the copyright expires, the work enters the general public domain."

With this fact, has reached a milestone offering more than 4,000 music sheets which is equivalent to around 2.43 gigabytes worth of free sheets. It uses the power of Google's custom search to allow people to type in any keywords of a song title or artist to see if the sheets exist. Sheets may also be located by browsing a full alphabetized list of the authors in a single page. Clicking on the author will lead to the associated songs where sheet music is available. Sheets can be viewed by category as well by selecting any of the 6 categories including games, classical music, movies, and other popular music sheets.

None of the free sheets available are hosted in, but instead links the files to other sites which may include other smaller free music sheet websites available. By putting all of these music sheets in one location coming from different sites, users get the advantage of finding any music sheet that they wish without the need of visiting other sites individually.

To avoid the possibilities of dead links, some of the popular sheets have multiple sources and the links are usually direct allowing easy one-click downloads. The sheets are also properly described and may include other versions of the same song to suit different playing styles. File formats are usually in PNG format for easy viewing or in PDF format which is also easy to read and even easier to print on paper. offers more than an indexed list of sheets including two sections where visitors can make their own requests for sheet music. Any results that are found may be located at the link next to it where the requested sheet music is displayed. There are also a number of articles in the "Articles" section that dictate the basics in reading sheet music as well as tips intermediate and advanced tips on how to play the piano like a professional. Some tutorials are included that provide more information about free sheet music and how to find these sheets quickly.

The main page which contains the links to the categories as well as the newest and popular sheets and authors may be found at and requires no registration or hidden fee for browsing the many free music sheets online. It will continue to grow by fetching links from other sites once they are available for the public domain.