Social Media Marketing Strategy Companies Gaining Ground on SEO Firms

Social Media Marketing campaigns are not a 'passing fad' and are now firmly on the same playing field as Search Engine Optimization strategies

Online PR News – 05-February-2010 – – Social Media Marketing strategies, once considered a passing fad by some members of the SEO community, have become firmly entrenched as an integral Internet Marketing method. While this process has been unfolding for awhile now- Pepsi's announcement that they will be skipping Super Bowl ads in favor of a 20 million dollar Social Media Marketing campaign should leave no doubt that SoMed is here to stay.

SEO Internet Marketing firm Irbtrax understands that at their core Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization have common goals. Social Media (SoMed) and SEO both strive to increase client traffic. Both aim to expand Internet Presence. And both endeavor to improve website visitor user experience. The major difference is in the methods and platforms they use. However, with the launch of Google Caffeine and it's 'outside the hood' changes those differences have begun to experience cross-over.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir-

"Google Caffeine and its 'Real Time' search feature combines the art of Social Media with the science of SEO. This trend is not only a shrewd business move by Google it's a great outline for all Internet related marketing companies striving to achieve maximum results for their clients."

With the goal of providing companies and individuals information about Google's newest search algorithm Irbtrax has dedicated a page on their website exclusively to Caffeine. This page will contain updates, news, studies, and examples of Google Caffeine best practice applications for both SEO and Social Media throughout 2010. For details visit their website displayed below the Media section of this release or feel free to contact Irbtrax using their brief and private online feedback form.

About: Irbtrax provides specialized Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations, and Market Research Solutions for businesses seeking a competitive advantage. Including optimizing your Web Marketing efforts for Google Caffeine and using traditional methods in non traditional ways.

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