R-evolution HD: the dust-free hardener

Technokolla presents the first and only substrate reinforcing product that really cuts down on dust emissions. More protection for the operators’ health and cleaner work environments thanks to HD technology.

Online PR News – 05-February-2010 – – When they speak of substrate reinforcing, the building experts know that this operation creates dust if it’s done when industrial floors are laid, dust that irritates the operators’ skin and eyes.

Until now, the only safeguards were the usual protections, but Technokolla’s laboratories have come up with the first and only dusting hardener that does away with dust emissions.

R-evolution HD is a clean “revolution” that safeguards the operators’ health and keeps the work environments clean and wholesome. The dust created in indoor construction sites such as industrial buildings, garages and basements remains in the air for a very long time and becomes a real nuisance: the cement irritates the eyes, the respiratory tracts and the skin, and can even produce sensitizing effects in the long run. But this sort of dust also contains quartz, a substance that can cause silicosis after long exposure.

Thanks to High Definition technology, R-evolution HD resolves the majority of problems caused by dusting since its special formula cuts down on the dust emissions that cause so much trouble.

Much less R-evolution HD need be used than other products since there is very little dispersion into the environment. Moreover, it is extremely wear-resistant.

Thus, the “dust-free” family - which also includes the Techno-One HD and Technostar HD adhesives and waterproofing compound Rasolastik ADV HD - now boasts another member.

Visit the web site http://www.technokolla.com for more details about Technokolla and its products, which include floor adhesives, bonding agents for the building trade and grouting.

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