Timeshare Lead Generation Company Partners With Destination Perks For Massive Savings

Timeshare lead generation company witnesses life-saving decrease in overhead marketing cost through a partnership with Destination Perks.

Online PR News – 13-February-2012 – – Scottsdale, Arizona – The timeshare industry relies on one-time interactions between sales associate and potential buyer. A sales presentation for the sale itself is organized and coordinated, and is precisely put into actuality. Given that potential buyers will very rarely come back to the same sales presentation after declining it once, the sales presentation is commonly regarded as a one-shot deal.

Lead generation companies put unthinkable amounts of time and money into each potential customer, especially those companies that are willing to buy entire vacations for potential customers in the hopes that the timeshare sales presentation will be successful (known as “fly and buy” companies). Each potential sale is a high-stakes trial with zero room for error.

What Destination Perks grants is an opening to earn back money spent on visitors who attend the sales presentation but do not decide to purchase timeshares directly from the lead generation company. Lead generation companies then pass along the contact info of the guests who turned down their timeshare on to Destination Perks. Destination Perks then later makes an appeal to these potential customers.
Lead generation companies then gain income directly from Destination Perks. Destination Perks makes payments to the lead generation company for every successful membership Destination Perks gained from customers sent by the lead generation company. In addition, to help get customers started in the timeshare buying process beginning with the lead generation company, Destination Perks offers a $200 voucher for each and every potential customer who attends the lead generation company’s sales presentation.

The Destination Perks-lead generation company partnership not only directs money right back to the lead generation company, but also helps to take the anxiety out of the sales presentation of the lead generation company itself. The lead generation company suddenly enjoys two ways of making money from clients; instead of just the one revenue stream created from from direct sales, the lead generation company also gets funds from the sales of Destination Perks. A failure to sell at the first sales presentation therefore can still make money for the lead generation company.

Destination Perks is a company that has been highly praised as of late for its offering of unparalleled savings on many different of items and services. The thesis of Destination Perks is centralized around points that members gain on an annual basis. This set amount of points can be used whenever the members want. These points can be accessed by via an online account and have two uses: they can be used for vacation savings or used toward decreasing prices of luxury items at the online store managed by Destination Perks. Destination Perks operates in nations world-wide at over 1,000 luxury resorts.

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