I-CanNano is all set to paint India green

Mumbai-2010:-Imagine a paint that is robust, environment friendly, long lasting, offers high resistance to impact/abrasion, has high water repellency,is 99.99 percent anti fungal/bactericidal,311 % electrometric and offers high UV protection .That is precisely what ex –IITian,Dr.Anup Chatterjee,the man behind I- CanNano I-CanNano,created,using nanotechnology.

Traditional paints and coatings are made up of large molecules where water, dirt and other organisms can leach into the gaps and erode the surface. Nano engineered paints are densely packed with robust molecules that act as a penetrative and functional barrier. Nanotechnology is the chemical manipulation of functional paints and coatings at the molecular level to create highly resistant, longer lastings, and environmentally friendly products. I CanNano is been certified by the paint research association, for being 99.99% bacteria free and being called as a green paint(Eco-friendly paint) .I CanNano is also called as a Intelligent Paint.

Online PR News – 05-February-2010 – – I CanNano is 10 % cheaper compared to any other paint available in the market.
Any product with technology would always cost more, whereas I CanNano cost you less because they have their own technology. Innovation Center for Applied Nanotechnology (I-CanNano) and its partner Kwicknano Multimarketing Pvt. Ltd. pioneer in the field of nanotechnology world-wide with indigenously developed nanotechnology based products. I-CanNano is brainchild of Dr. Arup Kumar Chatterjee, an IITian a global authority on nanotechnology & nano-materials. Dr. Arup Chatterjee, M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D.; is a highly talented scientist with applied technological bent in mind. He is committed towards application of nanotechnology for common man and achieving that through innovation. I-CanNano is a classic story of technology entrepreneurship where decade long research on nanotechnology has grown up from laboratory scale to industrial scale and now commercializing plethora of hi-tech innovative & high performance nanotech enabled products in global markets. With inspiration of Dr. Abdul Kalam, ex-President of India & renowned scientist, we have adopted his vision, “Affordable nanotechnology for common man”. In recognition to commendable research work done by Dr. Arup Chatterjee, UK Government has selected him under UKTI Global Entrepreneurship Programme 2006.

Kwicknano Multimarketing Pvt. Ltd. is partner and principal marketing & distributing ally of I-CanNano. Mr. Tarak Mehta is the Founders and M.D. of Kwicknano Multimarketing Pvt. Ltd. Kwicknano Multimarketing Pvt. Ltd. is serving many leading corporate houses and MNC’s like SWI, Sealegs. Kwicknano Multimarketing Pvt. Ltd. has the expertise to satisfy the requirement of all leading companies of world. Kwicknano Multimarketing Pvt. Ltd. is going together with ICAN-NANO for Marketing of environmentally eco-friendly products.

After overwhelming response from industries world-wide, I-CanNano & Kwicknano has reached take off point for global outreach and consolidation. Globally we are driving the industrial nanotechnology scenario across various sectors as construction, automotive, biotech, renewable energy, filters etc. One of the first areas chosen for commercialization is paints & coatings, where nanotech impact is early and revolutionary. Nanotechnology enabled paint/ coatings include various high performance & multi-functional paints/ coatings in decorative as well as industrial segment. In decorative segment, we have developed nano water base paints that are low VOC, anti-fungal/bacteria/algae, hydro-phobic, UV resistant, heat insulating with elastomeric (stretchable that cover cracks) properties for building and these are not only environment friendly but also robust in terms of performance & life. The recent Paint Research Association–UK report testifies that our water base paints are 311% elastic, it is not only anti-bacterial but also kills bacteria, highly hydrophobic (79o contact angle), very low VOC level-truly a high performing paint with green tag. Similarly, wood paints & coatings that are not only water/UV/ fungus resistant but also termite-free & fire resistant. Other building segment products include transparent coatings for plaster, glass, and ceramic, stone that are water repellent, anti-bacteria/fungal and non-polymeric. In Industrial/marine segment, product portfolio includes heat conducting paints, high electrically insulating paints that withstand 5000V, high anti-corrosive paints, pollutant adsorbent paint, high impact & scratch resistant paints, high temperature resistant paints, clear coat paints, antifouling paints and many more.

Apart from paint/coatings we have actively started towards commercialization of composites. We are envisaging development of world’s largest carbon nano fiber manufacturing facility in India catering to not only light weight/high strength composites for aerospace, wind blade, automotive structures but also for high abrasion resistant rubbers, conducting inks, electrodes, etc.

I-CanNano is committed towards succesful commercialization of this critical technology so that it touches common man's life in a beneficial manner. Innovation & pramotion of responsible nanotechnology for solving problems of human civilization is one of the primary aims of the venture.

“Affortable Nanotechnology for common man.” says Dr.Adbul Kalam,President of India.Thus we are committed towards successful commercialization of this critical technology so that it touches common man’s life in a beneficial manner.