PureTravel Launch New Worldwide Adventure Holidays Website

A brand new website that specialises in directly booking adventure holidays has just been launched by PureTravel. Your ideal adventure holiday can now be found up with just a few clicks.

Online PR News – 10-June-2009 – – Planning holidays can be a hassle nowadays. Also, regular holidays are no longer that much fun when you are not treated as an individual. When planning holidays, you first have to do a lot of research regarding your desired destination. Then, you have to book flights and hotels. If you’re economising, you contact travel agencies who offer package trips which are not really as good as the agencies say they are. A means to be devoid of these hassles is booking direct. Booking direct allows you to book your holidays directly with the local tour operators of your destination country. In this way, you can have the adventure holiday that you have always wanted and you can save money.

The website www.puretravel.com features vacations all over the world. The vacations have themes like history and culture, watersports, trekking and walking, climbing, wildlife and nature, and of course adventure. The Web site is basically a gateway that connects travellers to the local tour operators of vacation spots worldwide. Travellers, for example, can book directly with a Sherpa in the Himalayas. They can also do the same with a genuine Masai warrior in Kenya. This will ensure that travellers will receive the best knowledge of the countries they are to visit. The local economies of the visited communities would also benefit, since the money goes to them and not to foreign travel agencies. Additional features of the Web site include blogs and newsletters regarding the latest travel news; tips and guides regarding travel; and a Special Offer section. The Special Offer section features the best deals, offers, and discounts on holidays worldwide.

Travellers would also be sure that they would have the best possible services. The local tour operators were selected based on the standards set by PureTravel with regards to responsible tourism and environmental responsiveness. The company strictly follows its ethos, ‘Go direct, save money, and give more back.’ Also, it works only with other companies that have the same beliefs and principles as them.

The main aim of PureTravel is to create long-term harmonious relationships between the countries of the world through positive cultural and historical exchanges. They support the environment and at the same time help boost the economies of local communities. This is proof of their commitment to upholding responsible tourism.

PureTravel was established through the collaboration of two United Kingdom-based companies; namely, Real World Travel and Mindcom Internet. Real World Travel is an Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing (ATOL) bonded tour operator while Mindcom Internet is an online publisher. The concept of PureTravel was first idealised in 1999 but it was only recently launched in 2009. The two companies that created it spent the decade observing and analysing the changes in the tastes of people regarding travel. PureTravel became real because of the popularity and spread of the Internet. Real World Travel and Mindcom Internet have also collaborated in the past with the creation of specialist Web sites like South Africa Holidays and Real Africa.

PureTravel is a way for people to plan holidays exactly the way they want their holidays to be. It helps people experience and discover more about the world.