Florida Home Loan Company Teams with Omaha SEO Company to Capture the First Page of Google

FromPaying2Savings.com, a Florida Home Loan and Orlando Mortgage Company has teamed with SEO-Company-Services.com of Omaha Nebraska to get their home mortgage web site into the Top 10 of Google mortgage web sites.

Online PR News – 05-February-2010 – – “I’ve known about the benefits of being found on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for a long time, the problem was we could never find an SEO Company that could deliver on its promises. We were very excited to find an experienced Omaha SEO Company that had absolutely 100% verifiable proof of their Google Top 10 claims. We had already been burned twice on SEO services and we were not in the mood for a repeat of that.” stated Mr. Derrick Carson, CEO of FromPaying2Savings.com.

After the second failed attempt at getting our web site on the first page of Google, we decided to bring in SEO-Company-Services.com to do professional Search Engine Optimization for us. The initial market we targeted was Orlando Mortgage and we’re now No. 1 in Google for that keyword phrase out of more than a million competing web pages.

The use of a professional SEO Company that can prove they have a successful track record at getting web sites into the Top 10 of the search engines for ac competitive keyword phrases is something every business owner should consider. One of the tricks though is making sure the company can deliver on what they say. If a prospective SEO Company won’t show you a list of their clients who are already in the Top 10 because of ‘non disclosure’ reasons, that is very suspect, because most business owner’s love to gain additional positive exposure by getting the word out. If an SEO Company won’t (or can’t) show you a list of clients they already have on the First Page of Google, it usually means they don’t have any clients on the first page of Google. It’s interesting to note that SEO-Company-Services.com also has a sister company named SEO Training Institute, where businesses can sign up for classes to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

One key item Mr. Carson likes to point out is that their web site has generated mortgage business! “I know that many Florida Home Loan Mortgage companies can not say their web site has generated revenue, a distinction he is proud to mention. It would have been nice to have heard about SEO-Company-Services.com years earlier, but better late than never.

I would encourage any mortgage broker or mortgage company to enlist the services of SEO-Company-Services.com If you want (or need) your web page on the first page Google and you need a company you can trust, I recommend you contact this Omaha SEO Company. However, don’t expect them to target Orlando Mortgage or Florida Home Loan for you, those are already taken” said Mr. Carson.

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