AMG Medical Group Offers New Yorkers Affordable Medical Plans For Families & Small Business

Comprehensive packages offered by the AMG Medical Group covers almost all medical necessities thereby avoiding the need for expensive health insurance packages

Online PR News – 08-February-2012 – – Almost 59 million Americans are yet to be covered by health insurance, and the numbers are likely to increase. This is primarily because of expensive health insurance packages that aren’t really comprehensive, yet charge exorbitant premiums. Dr. John Muney, Medical Director at AMG Medical Group, aims to bridge the gap between the insured and uninsured through unique and all inclusive affordable health plans in NYC.

“It’s been Dr. Muney’s goal is to ensure that everybody has health care even without health insurance. The AMG Medical Group serves as a one stop shop for all medical needs, and a place where quality care can be provided for as low as $89 a month,” says a spokesperson from their Manhattan medical clinic at AMG Medical Group.

Membership can be sought by choosing from one of the 4 plans, viz. Classic, Classic Plus, Premium, and Premium Plus. Existing members at AMG are also rewarded for helping a friend relative or colleague to join the plan through ‘The $100 Rewards Program’. The more members they introduce, the more rewards they earn.

At the AMG Group almost all routine tests, check-ups, sick visits, office-based surgical care like lipoma removal, wart removal, excision of benign/malignant skin lesions etc, gynecological care, pediatrics, lab work, imaging, and physical therapy etc. can be done by choosing one of the above mentioned plans. Although they do not cover medications, they offer heavy discounts on medications. These discounts operate on a two-tier level; wherein members can either buy prescriptions through any pharmacy and get 50% discount on generic drugs and 20 % discount on brand-name drugs, or choose the second tier for a deeper discount through mail order generic drugs distributed through Health Warehouse. The prices of these discounted drugs can be found through the Health Warehouse website.

There’s also the Small Business Health Coverage program that is tailor made for small business owners. Both, the employer and employee can contribute to the plan by paying $10 per week and avail all the facilities provided by AMG.

Health insurance companies often add too many frills and fancies to their health care packages, just to be able to charge heavy premiums. But health plans offered by the AMG Group and simple and straightforward; hence cost much lower than standard insurance premiums.

About AMG Medical Group: The AMG Medical Group has been serving New Yorkers since 2005 and was founded on the basis of providing high quality affordable health care at affordable costs.

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