Xavier technologies to give away Electric Car Prize

Xavier technologies has initiated an EV contest (sweepstakes) in which the winner has their choice of a GTM sportscar or an EV conversion.

Online PR News – 03-February-2012 – – Leominster, MA February 2, 2012 - Xavier technologies, a Massachusetts-based company, is planning to open the first EV conversion/recharging center (2 locations) in the state, in anticipation of the electric car boom. In an effort to help raise funding for this project, they have initiated an EV contest (sweepstakes) in which the winner has their choice of a GTM sportscar or an EV conversion. The GTM prize is a car kit made by Factory Five (also based in Massachusetts) and has a body design somewhat of a cross between a Ferrari and a Corvette. The value of the car, after EV conversion, is worth over $50,000 excluding labor. In realizing that this car may not be practical for some people, the winner will have the option to get an EV conversion done on an existing vehicle they may already have or their choice of something else. Whatever the winner chooses, it's quite the prize considering the twenty-five dollars to enter the sweepstakes.
To enter the contest, go to: http://www.xaviertechnologies.com/ev_contest.htm

EV conversions
“Electric is the future of the auto industry and in addition to the Nissan “Leaf” and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, quite a few more electric vehicles will be introduced to the marketplace in 2012 but, due to wants or needs, what is being offered by the car manufacturers will not be suitable for everyone” says Denys Allard, founder and owner of Xavier technologies, “and a lot of people will choose to electrify their present vehicle as a more viable solution.” There is also a federal tax credit for converting to electric and this information (and a lot more) can be found on their website at: www.xaviertechnologies.com. With the exception of Tesla Motors, the miles per charge most car manufacturers are getting is not sufficient to replace the internal combustion engine. Tesla is achieving more miles per charge than anyone else because they are using a superior batterypack. Xavier technologies is following suit and utilizing the same lithium ion cells and expects to get a few hundred miles per charge on almost any EV conversion.