Inner Gypsy champions Occupy Movement by giving away new song

The new video for their song "Pay to Play" features footage of Occupy Wall Street protestors, and is a battle cry to the rest of us to also stand up for our rights.

Online PR News – 05-February-2012 – – "You gotta pay to play if you wanna play today,
But if the player's playing you, you gotta stand up and say,
You know you promised us a change that would be coming our way,
And now we wanna know when, because we won't be played again!"

... is the chorus of the new Inner Gypsy track, "Pay to Play." This is the first track to be released off their upcoming album "Gypsy Moth." A defiant– dare we call it– "rap," that barks out a radical view of American grass roots politics to a fiery Gypsy rhythm and some virtuosic flute and guitar work. Although one wonders if they might be a little naive stating that "we won't be played again." Almost an echo of the old Who track, "Won't Get Fooled Again." We have, after all, seen little improvement regarding corruption in politics since the 70s! Is Mario Vickram Sen, who wrote the lyrics (akin to a latter day Pete Townshend) likely to be, in the long run, disappointed with the outcome of this burgeoning street movement, which many feel is lacking direction.

Similarly, this video points an accusing finger at wealthy Republicans and Democrats alike, and doesn't leave out corporate fat cats and greedy club owners– the latter, presumably because up and coming bands, such as Inner Gypsy, are finding it impossible to get paying gigs.

"Not only don't they pay anymore," states Inner Gypsy flautist Tiffany Sen, "but they want us to guarantee that a crowd will show up. We've had club owners who wanted us to give them money so we could play, and one guy who said if enough people didn't show up, then a band could be bumped from the line up, even if they had already set up all their equipment, and their friends were waiting to see them. We decided not to play that club on principle."

"But this song is also about bigger issues," chimed in Mario, "It doesn't really matter who you vote for. Both parties are bought and paid for by big business. Greed seems to be the predominant motivation in our society, up and down the line. But we know we cannot change politics until people first start to become more aware of their own humanity." That's why we're giving away free downloads of the song. At this point the money is less important to us– it's more important to get the message out.

Well, it may seem like an impossible and thankless job to get people to change in that way, but one can't help wishing these two intrepid Gypsies for Justice the very best of luck in their crusade.

The video for "Pay to Play" can be seen at where you can also get a free download of the song