SharePoint Solutions Announces Free SharePoint Training Video Series

SharePoint Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has released of the first two videos of a new free SharePoint training video series titled, SharePoint 101–What Makes SharePoint Work.

Online PR News – 05-February-2012 – – NASHVILLE, Tenn., U.S.A. (Feb. 3, 2012) – SharePoint Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, today announced the release of the first two videos of a new free SharePoint training video series titled, SharePoint 101–What Makes SharePoint Work.

The new video series, which is the latest addition to SharePoint Solutions’ free training video library, introduces viewers to key foundational SharePoint concepts and strategies, with a view toward helping organizations derive the most value from their SharePoint implementations.

The videos may be accessed from the red “Free Training Videos” button at the top of the SharePoint Solutions’ home page at

“As a SharePoint-based company, a big part of our mission is to help other companies get the most value out of SharePoint,” said instructor Kevin Pine. “We do that through classes, consulting, software add-ons and these free training videos. Our new SharePoint 101–What Makes SharePoint Work series is another step in that mission.”

According to Pine, the series provides rich, practical content that helps those new to SharePoint understand some of its most important concepts.

“Through these videos, the viewer will also get the flavor of the SharePoint Solutions classroom experience, and a glimpse of the quality instruction that we provide,” he said.

The following is a summary of the content in the first two videos from the What Makes SharePoint Work series:

Video 1: SharePoint 101—Using Metadata in Libraries
This one-hour training video provides an introduction for those new to SharePoint. Viewers will learn how to tag, categorize and identify documents with metadata. They also will learn how to filter, sort, group and present views of the right documents to the right people, where and when they need to see them.

“Understanding the concepts of lists, columns and views is key to making SharePoint work in an organization,” Pine noted, adding that this video is especially helpful for those who are:
• Planning the folder structure for organizing documents
• Have already created folders for organizing documents
• Know someone who is using folders to organize documents

Video 2: SharePoint 101—Using Site Columns and Content Types
This 40-minute training video introduces the concepts of site columns and content types.

“While site columns are fairly easy to understand and conceive of ways to apply, the concept of content types is a bit tougher to understand. This video shows when and how to create and use both site columns and content types,” Pine stated.

He recommended the second video for people who are:
• New to SharePoint and have watched SharePoint 101–Using Metadata in Libraries
• Not taking advantage of the power of site columns
• Need an introduction to using content types

Based in Nashville, Tenn., SharePoint Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a nationwide leader in expert-led public classes on SharePoint products and technologies. The company’s software division professionally develops high-quality commercial add-ons for SharePoint. For more information about SharePoint Solutions, visit