New Katy Dog Grooming Service Set To Take Pet Care To The Next Level…

Every pet owner recognizes the importance of keeping their furry friend in tip-top condition, for the sake of the health of their pet and for their own convenience and peace of mind. For pet owners in the Katy, TX area who need dog grooming services, the recent pet grooming relaunch by one of the most respected dog boarding establishments in Katy is therefore very good news.

Online PR News – 05-February-2012 – – As explained by the owner and President of Circle Lake Ranch, Dr. Layne Spitzenberger, relaunching the Katy dog grooming services offered via the website is no more than common sense.
“Although some pet owners probably don’t appreciate it, proper professional dog grooming is not easy. Your pet needs the attention of a dog groomer that really knows what they are doing if they are to look their best and stay healthy and being honest, professional dog groomers are not easy to find.”
Fortunately for Dr. Spitzenberger – and for those who seek expert dog grooming in Houston and surrounding areas – the kennels at Circle Lake Ranch are able to call on the services of Lauren and Brittany, two experienced dog grooming professionals with more than thirteen years of grooming dogs under their belt.
“With Lauren and Brittany on board, we’re now able to offer a complete professional dog grooming service to Katy residents and to pet owners throughout the Houston area.”
She continues “As I mention on the home page of our Kennel site, I’ve always been a pet owner so I understand how important having your pet properly groomed is from personal experience. In addition, we know from what we’ve seen in the past that there is high level of demand for dog grooming in Houston and throughout the region. Thus, I’m delighted that we have been able to relaunch this all important service for dog owners throughout this area.”
To ensure that there is a dog grooming service that matches every one of our clients, Dr. Spitzenberger and her team offer three levels of grooming, namely the ‘Premium Kennel Bath’, the ‘Light Trimming’ and the ‘VIP (Very Important Pet)’ services. All include a full bath and blow dry, ear cleaning, a complete brush out, nail trimming and teeth cleaning, so irrespective of your budget and no matter which service is chosen, pets are guaranteed to come back looking and smelling far better than they did when they went in!
Of course, Dr. Spitzenberger and her dog care team offer all the additional services that you would expect from a professional dog care establishment like the Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort.
For example, they provide full boarding facilities in air conditioned kennels – even for larger dogs – with a deck and outdoor play area that is regularly enjoyed by all canine guests!
All are encouraged to stay outside the kennels as much as possible, with a focus on activity, exercise and fun for all canine guests at all times.
Nevertheless, Dr. Spitzenberger concludes that the dog grooming service that is now offered through Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort is an extremely important addition, both for their business and for the people of Katy and surrounding area.
“Yes, we’re delighted to be providing dog grooming services, and I invite every dog owner in the area to give our service a try soon.” For more information visit or call (281) 395-4311