Mike Sunderlin Offers Gear Talk: Eleven Rack At Mike’s Guitar Talk

Popular guitar blog has released a new post featuring the Eleven Rack from Avid Technology. Guitar players will be introduced to cutting edge technology.

Online PR News – 03-February-2012 – – Mike Sunderlin of Mike’s Guitar Talk has released a new post featuring the Eleven Rack from Avid Technology. Sunderlin claims that the Eleven Rack is a great product for guitarists that perform on stage and record in the studio. The Eleven Rack offers a series of digital amplifier models in one unit and Sunderlin shares demonstrations of this product with his readers. Guitarists will be amazed at the quality of amplifier models in the Eleven Rack and the additional features it offers. Readers will find Sunderlin’s post about the Eleven Rack now at http://mikesguitartalk.com/2012/02/gear-talk-eleven-rack.html.

According to Sunderlin, “Digital amplifier modeling has always been a sensitive subject with most guitar players, whether professional or amateur.

Recently, there are a few products that have really done a good job of providing great amplifier models and keeping the guitarist in mind when it comes to use on stage and in the studio.”

“The Eleven Rack was created by Avid Technology and is a great tool for guitarists of all skill levels,” says Sunderlin. “It does have a hefty price tag on it, but it’s well worth the money if you play often, in the studio and/or on stage.”

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