Josh Fallis Co-Authors his First Book, Blogs About Fitness, Sponsors Special Olympics Squad

Josh Fallis is excited to announce the upcoming release of his first book. A fitness advocate Josh Fallis will be unveiling his new book in the coming summer months.

Online PR News – 01-February-2012 – – Josh Fallis is excited to announce the upcoming release of his first book. A fitness advocate Josh Fallis will be unveiling his new book in the coming summer months.

Josh Fallis is a busy man nowadays, co-authoring a book with his wife Kimberly, regularly blogging about his fitness experiences and challenges, maintaining a home business, and sponsoring a number of philanthropic efforts.

His upcoming book, entitled “The Key of David: Faith into Action” is anticipated for release in summer 2012, and will be available online and in print. The book will be a writeup on the scriptures of King David and how they can be used to overcome challenges of faith in today's society. Through wisdom and interpretation Josh Fallis hopes to create work of literature that people of all ages and backgrounds can understand and relate to. Aside from helping believer's affirm their faith, Josh Fallis hopes that the book will serve to dispel doubts and answer the questions of skeptic nonbelievers as well.

In addition to his book-writing efforts, Josh Fallis is also trying to make a difference proactively by sponsoring a Special Olympics power lifting team. He promotes the cause through his blogging and in his daily interaction with other members of the fitness community. He encourages others to stand for a similar cause of their own, citing the good feeling one gets when making a tangible difference in the lives others.

Josh Fallis also supports Dads for Drunk Drivers (DADD) after losing his beloved Ashton to a drunk driver in 2011. While devastating to Josh Fallis and family, in hindsight he realizes that her demise saved the lives of six others through the organ donor program, and is therefore an active proponent of becoming an organ donor, asking others to sign up as an organ donor in a commemorative blog post dedicated to his beloved Ashton.

Despite his busy lifestyle, Josh Fallis finds family time with every opportunity, and he makes a hobby out of researching his ancestry; taking inspiration from his father's interest in history and literature. His father Richard Fallis passed away just four months before his beloved Ashton in the beginning of 2011, and Josh Fallis has dedicated a memorial page to him on

Although most of his blogging focuses more on his fitness endeavors than issues of faith, Josh Fallis believes that his participation at the gym and in the lives of fellow bodybuilders helps them gather the motivation needed to succeed physically, much in the same way he hopes his book will serve to strengthen its readers spiritually.

About Josh Fallis

Josh Fallis is an accomplished bodybuilder, physical fitness specialist, gym owner and promoter, author, and family man. As the son of Navy veteran and renowned college history professor/author, Richard Fallis, Josh had a sound upbringing. The death of his father in January of 2011 had a profound impact on him, and was followed by the equally devastating loss of Ashton just 4 months later. Through these emotional tribulations Josh has emerged with valuable life lessons and an urge to help others cope with their struggles.