New Book 'The Psychology of Wealth' Tops Bestseller Lists with Answers to the Big Questions

A new book is topping the bestseller charts in multiple categories. The Psychology of Wealth, by Dr. Charles Richards, has just been released by McGraw-Hill as a lead book for the New Year, and its immediate success probably has these very professional book publishers dancing in the hallways.

Online PR News – 31-January-2012 – – How does someone get from here to there? That's what everyone wants to know. If people are poor, they want to be rich. If they’re sad, they want happiness. If they are unsuccessful in any area of life, they want to know how to go about changing their life’s course and get it moving in the right direction. Author Dr. Charles Richards is pointing the way for all walks of life. Perhaps that's one reason this book has been hitting so many Top Ten Bestseller lists.

Many people seem to want what this author is offering—a roadmap to success. It doesn’t matter if a person wants fortune and fame, or a life of service to others—or better yet, both! In this new book, readers come to understand what a rich and rewarding life is really all about, what a “wealth consciousness” is and how to achieve it, and how serving others and giving back can be a key to true success in life.

Donald Trump even offers an endorsement on the front cover. Perhaps that is part of the Midas touch this book seems to have, inspiring readers from the first page to the last!

About the Book:

Why do some people feel a perpetual state of lack and fear about money, while others feel genuinely prosperous, regardless of the size of their bank accounts? Why do some people shudder with dread when it comes to setting financial goals, while others embrace it with enthusiasm and confidence?

What makes the difference? Could it be in their relationship with money itself?

People who enjoy a healthy relationship with money share common habits and traits. So, how do they think, and what do they do differently? Are these behaviors hardwired in an individual’s psyche, or can they be learned?

In this provocative book, psychotherapist Dr. Charles Richards provides unexpected and encouraging answers to these questions. Based on his research and expert interviews, Dr. Richards shows how each of us can develop a thriving relationship with money and create a rich and rewarding life.

At the book’s heart are the stories of people who have faced adversity with courage and created extraordinary lives. Their accounts—along with Dr. Richards’ interviews with finance professors, legislators, entrepreneurs, and mavens of success—pave a path to a brighter future for us all.

Today we live in a trying economic environment. Every day, popular financial advisors exhort us to hunker down, play it safe, and protect ourselves from an uncertain future. To the voices who promote fear and doubt, Dr. Richards answers with balance, wisdom, and optimism.

The Psychology of Wealth is for anyone interested in succeeding personally or professionally, and in achieving true prosperity. It offers golden steps on the path to a better life.

Charles Richards, Ph.D., is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, author, and licensed psychotherapist in private practice. He has trained and coached the senior executives of many Fortune 100 corporations, including General Motors, IBM, Apple, Motorola, SAP, Qualcomm, Whirlpool, Honda, and Sony.

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