Oak Barrel Wines Announces Home Brew Services for Wine Lovers

With registered office at Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, Oak Barrel Wines proudly announces its special "U-Brew" (Home Brew) service for wine and beer enthusiasts, who want to taste the finest brewed beverages. This service is usually taken for two purposes; the first one is to satisfy personal needs whereas some buy it for business rationale. U-Brew is the best form of wine brewing because it helps wine lovers to access the premium quality for very affordable costs.

Online PR News – 03-February-2012 – – The company endeavor to provide its customers with the best tasting wine and its primary objective is to achieve it parallel to a quality customers' service. This point of view helps the firm's clients to get the most out of "U-brew" services and the confidence of asking about anything related to the subject of brewing wine/beer. Oak Barrel Wines offers wines and beers in full batches of wine kits and barrels; they are usually brewed in a period of 5 - 6 weeks and up to 30 weeks respectively. This time period may not be very short but those who know about self brewing would be amazed to know about the company's swiftness.

Their single batch is good enough to accommodate a personal party or event as it consists of approximately 31 regular bottles of wine; those who do not need that many may order a single batch with a partner who has similar needs. Furthermore, the bottling part is handled by the Oak Barrel Wines however; individuals have to provide the company with their own equipments which includes the bottles, labels (If customized) and the kit whereas the regular labels, corks and shrink caps are absolutely free. Yeast pitching job is left for the clients as every individual has their own wants and calculations. There's a wonderful offer for new customers purchasing a wine kit that allows them to get free bottles, provided by the Oak Barrel Wines.

The prices are just as astonishing as the brewer's other features. The cost of single batch of wine may range from $130 - $300 that differs according to the accessories and package selected while customized labels cost $5.96 only. Those who are looking to buy self brewed beer would like to know that they are very much cheaper than the wines as a single batch consists of 62 x 325ml bottles reasonably priced for $64 - $69 (Excluding HST). In this package the buyer has to provide his own bottles whereas caps are offered by the brewer.

Other beverages brewed by Oak Barrel Wines are Ciders, Coolers, Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Ice Wine, Fruit Wine, Wine Based Cocktails and Port. These packages are sure to tease the pallet of every ardent wine fanatic.

Oak Barrel Wines is one of the largest u brews of Coquitlam, British Columbia, located next to Coquitlam Centre, near Glen & Johnson- a sure delight for all those that are interested in the taste of great tasting wine- wine making has never been so good.